Afghan government reveals its peace plan ahead of Turkey conference


Kabul, Apr 7 (EFE) .- Afghan President Ashraf Ghani revealed his peace plan on Wednesday before the crucial conference this month in Turkey with the Taliban, in which he proposes a transitional “Peace Government” with a presence of all parties, after reaching a political agreement that should include a ceasefire.

As a first step, “we need a political agreement” with the Taliban that must be backed by a Loya Jirga (great national assembly of leaders), which will be followed by a ceasefire throughout the country supervised by the international community, Ghani said. night in a recorded speech to the nation.

As a second step, he added, there will be the formation of a “Government of Peace”, governed by the Constitution and under the leadership of the current Government, which, although it would not be dissolved, would accept the inclusion of Taliban representatives.

“No one should think that the leadership of Afghanistan, with the first vice president, the second vice president and the president-elect will resign or accept a shameful agreement,” Ghani said.

The Afghan president added that this Peace Government should last for the shortest possible time, until the new administration is elected in an election, since the “legitimacy” of any future Executive is based on its “election.”

In addition, he noted that although the Government of Peace will be governed by the current Constitution, its “amendment” will be 80 percent possible, a change that the future Executive should face after the elections.


The objective of this plan, Ghani explained, is “a just and lasting peace” that will result in an “independent, democratic and united country” and put an end to more than four decades of continuous war in Afghanistan, since the fight against the occupation. Soviet in the 1980s, until the current conflict with the Taliban.

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The president reminded the insurgents that their final objective is political, not a holy war or jihad, and warned that in the peace agreement there will be no concessions on “national defense and security forces.”

“An interruption” of the government will force at least one million Afghans to flee the country, but a peace agreement will allow the return of four million migrants who are abroad, Ghani said, underlining the importance of a plan that he hopes it will guide the imminent Turkey conference, scheduled for this month.

This conference – with no date to be held yet – is “a historic opportunity” to move from 42 years of war “to a just and lasting peace,” said the president, for which he asked all negotiators under the Kabul umbrella to attend. to the top with “one voice” united by this plan.

The Afghan government’s presentation of this roadmap to peace comes weeks after new US Secretary of State Antony Blinken presented Ghani with another four-point plan that sought to accelerate stalled intra-Afghan peace talks. since its inception in Doha in September.

In that US plan, the next conference in Turkey was proposed, of which more details will be known in the coming days, a process that will never be “final” until it is “completed and finalized” by the people of Afghanistan, warned Ghani.

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