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Today we echo a story that has to do with World of Warcraft. The game’s designer, Chris Kaleiki, has put an end to his time at Blizzard, tired of the direction that the long-standing MMORPG is taking.

His farewell has been shared on Twitter with a 14 minute video where the designer explains, first hand, why he has left. We can also see in the video his opinion on the current state of the game and how the development of the game has gone in recent years.

Do not think that because he has left the company, everything he says is bad. Chris Kaleiki says a lot of positive things about World of Warcraft and the Shadowlands expansion. Keep in mind that in 13 years everything happens.

About his march he says the following:

For a while, perhaps too long, I have not been happy with the state of the game, and it was not until the return of the Classic, until I realized why I felt that way.

The designer believes that the Classic version takes a better direction and has things clearer. Also remember how the multiplayer of the game have lagged. He would like the players to be the main story of the game again, and to give more importance to the clans:

To this day, I feel that history is the predominant part of World of Warcraft. Characters and player dramas have been lost. I think that in an MMO and virtual world, the players are the real story.

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