Did Prince Andrew actually abuse a minor? The allegations persist. The Royal was asked by the lawyers of the victims for a statement.

  • Serious allegations against Prince Andrew – he should be in the abuse scandal around Jeffrey Epstein be involved
  • On interviewin which he commented on the scandal and the allegations, experts classify as disaster on
  • Attorney Lisa Bloom might force Prince Andrew to testify

Update from November 21, 2019, 17.07 clock: Several victim advocates in the abuse scandal surrounding the deceased US multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein have the British Prince Andrew (59) asked for comprehensive statements,

The second eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II is currently in the focus of reporting because of his longtime friendship with the businessman. One of the victims of Epstein, Virginia Giuffre, even claims that she has been forced into sex with the Royal several times. Andrew denies that.

The prince should not only belong to the criminal investigations by the FBI but also in civil suits make sworn statements and To provide evidencesaid the US Attorney Lisa Bloom the station BBC on Thursday. This included e-mails, calendars, travel plans and permission for his employees to testify.

Bloom even hinted she could try one To force Andrew's statement, If the prince refuses, it could lead to a "diplomatic situation" between Great Britain and the USA, said the Opferanwältin. "I hope it does not come to that, I'll take him at his word when he says he'll get involved."

Commenting on the allegations against Andrew, Bloom said that they were also in the focus of the FBI and that the investigation "could and should" be extended to the UK.

After allegations of abuse – Prince Andrew expresses compassion for the first time with victims

Update of November 21, 2019: Because of his involvement in the Epstein scandal takes Prince Andrew for the time being no official tasks for the British royal family true. This writes the London Times on Thursday, like the dpa quotes:

"Prince Andrew's decision to withdraw from public life shows that the monarchy is at least able to learn from mistakes when it comes under pressure. This is one of the few positive insights that can be derived from the Duke of York's ill-considered friendship with a convicted sex offender and his clumsy attempts to fend off allegations that he had sex with a 17-year-old. (…) "

"The Prince's explanation following a conversation with the Queen accepts some of the critical remarks after his smug interview last Saturday. For the first time he now expresses sympathy with the victims of the American pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. And he has declared his willingness to assist law enforcement agencies in their investigations. That was the right – albeit overdue – decision. "

Update from November 20, 2019: Quakes in the royal royal house. After the abuse allegations against Prince Andrew, the palace is now drawing first consequences. As Queen Elizabeth's second eldest son announces, number eight in the line of succession will step down from official duties. This was explained by the accused prince about the official Twitter account of the royal family.

As Prince Andrew explains in the statement, the step with the Queen had been previously discussed.

Prince Andrew resigns – a correct decision? Join in and vote!

Update from November 19, 2019: For months, allegations burden Prince Andrew (59), Son of Queen Elizabeth II, difficult. He is supposed to be in the abuse scandal around the dead multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein be involved. Epstein is said to have forced underage girls into prostitution. He had committed suicide in a Manhattan jail in early August. Prince Andrew is accused of abusing the then 17-year-old Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Giuffre is abused by Epstein and the Forced sex with rich friends been his.

On Saturday, an interview was aired on BBC, with the Prince Andrew wanted to clean up with the allegations. However, the interview was rated by experts as "catastrophic" (see our message below).

In the BBC interview, Prince Andrew was told that Virginia was telling how Prince Andrew was at a party back then danced with the 17-year-olds and should have sweated heavily. But Prince Andrew asserted that he was "not a partygoer" and was also unable to sweat because he allegedly suffered an overdose of adrenaline in the Falklands War when he was shot. He also claimed, in general to exchange no caresses with women in public,

The picture now has a photo showing Prince Andrew, as he intimately did in 2007 during a Party in Saint-Tropez dancing. Does the photo prove that he lied? If the picture is not a fake, it raises some questions in any case …

Prince Andrew: Interview on Epstein scandal turns into disaster – "Car accident in slow motion"

Update of November 18, 2019: Experts and commentators in the UK refer to the BBC interview broadcast on Saturday Prince Andrew to the abuse scandal around the dead US multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein as "catastrophic". The son of Queen Elizabeth II. Vehemently denied the allegations that a minor was sexually transmitted to him as well. From compassion for the victims or horror over the scandal surrounding his former friend Jeffrey Epstein not a trace. No word of regret – nothing.

Like a "car accident in slow motion" was the BBC interview with the British Prince Andrew The British publicist Mark Borkowski tweeted after broadcasting on Saturday night. A lesson for public relations students, so to speak – to see "how to do it all wrong".

Lawyers of victims demand statement at the FBI

Lawyers of women who Epstein abuse to reproach, however, demand of the prince, one statement at the US Department of Investigation FBI close.

"He seems to have no sympathy for the victims, and he does not seem to regret his long friendship with Jeffrey Epstein," said lawyer Lisa Bloom, who represents some of the women, the British news channel Sky News. On Monday, the Evening Standard then reported on alleged linguistic derailments of the prince,

New allegations: linguistic derailment of Prince Andrew?

Accordingly used Andrew seven years ago in a conversation about trade policy with a government employee the word "nigger". Of the Royal used a phrase previously used in the US, which draws attention to a hidden problem and contains the racist word. Palace sources rejected this strictly. Later, Andrew is said to have once again used a phrase from the colonial era, according to the dark-skinned people are not reliable.

Prince Andrew in the future no longer at the core of the royal house?

Royal experts believe it is possible that Andrew will no longer be with his duties in the future Core of the royal house will belong. They assume that after the death of Queen Elizabeth II (93) heir to the throne Prince Charles anyway, the number of representatives of the royal family will reduce.

Queen Elizabeth II is said to have known about interview

The Queen have from BBC interview Knowing her second oldest son, Buckingham Palace confirmed on Monday the German Press Agency. But did she also know the spicy questions? And could she have guessed how helplessly her son stumbles through the interview?

Prince Andrew involved in abuse scandal? Surprise statements in TV interview

London – There are serious allegations that prince Andrew heavy burden for months. Did the British Royal force a minor then to sex? While the alleged abuse victim Virginia Roberts Giuffre one photo as proof disclosed, the son of Queen Elizabeth II. Now with a TV interview for clarity.

Prince Andrew: British Royal faces abuse allegations

The 59-year-old, who maintained a close friendship with the now deceased suspected sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, regrets the contact Epstein now. In an excerpt published on Friday from the BBC interview He said his stay with Epstein was "not fitting for a member of the royal family" and "disappointing." The allegations against Prince Andrew hit Epstein's waves shortly after death.

The US multimillionaire was in prison in early August Manhattan taken the life. He was accused of forcing underage girls into prostitution. For this reason, the son of Queen Elizabeth was obviously forced to deny all allegations in the summer. In the am Saturday night published TV interview, Prince Andrew then finally wants to clean up with all the allegations.

British Royalty: Did Prince Andrew abuse a minor?

A photo of the suspected abuse victim shows Prince Andrew and the then 17-year-old, arm in arm. But a meeting with the then minor Virginia Roberts Giuffre could not remember the Briton. This is said to be broadcast by Prince Andrew in the Saturday night TV show explain as well.

The then 17-year-old protests for a long time, by Jeffrey Epstein for years abused and forced to sex with wealthy friends. After a hearing in the US in August, Giuffre told reporters that Prince Andrew "knew exactly what he was doing and I hope he will clear things up."

TV show is now rumors eliminate – Prince Andrew speaks plain text

Other shots show the British Royal with Epstein at his New York estate. Although the multimillionaire had already served a first prison sentence for the allegations.

Andrew said he stepped himself every day to prove that he was with Epstein even after the conviction, because it was "inappropriate for a member of the royal family." Rather, the royal family strives to uphold the highest standards and customs. He was disappointed, it was that easy.

A few days ago, Prince Andrew was still in a public appearance, together with the Queen.

What the prince's daughters say about the allegations against their father is unknown. His daughter, Princess Eugenie, recently celebrated the wedding with her Jack Brooksbank. Meanwhile, Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry, faces criticism again. This time, the Duchess's coat is critical.