More than 120 people stranded in snow-covered Sierra Nevada resort for five days in 7-foot snow were freed.

The guest and staff were detained on Sunday in the Montecito Sequoia Lodge in the Sequoia National Forest.

Rescuers had to bring heavy equipment to clean more than 20 fallen trees and eight miles of snow on the road that led to the lodge, allowing anyone to leave the property for good.

Vehicles were buried in the parking lot of the snow-covered Montecito Sequoia Lodge in Kings Canyon National Park in the Californian Sierra Nevada (photo: Joel Keeler).
The snow has included the resort's guests and staff at Kings Canyon National Park from Sunday onwards. (Photo: US Forest Service – Sequoia National Forest / Facebook)

US Forest Service spokesman Alicia Embrey said crews should arrive by snowmobile Wednesday morning at the lodge in the mountains east of Fresno.

They came back with extra supplies on Thursday.

Ms. Embrey said the group had enough food and supplies to feel comfortable, even though many were extremely bored.

"Physically they were fine," said Mrs. Embrey. "They were obviously happy to go home."

Sequoia National Forest had to dig out guests caught in the Montecito Sequoia Lodge who were caught at a height of 7 feet of snow. (Photo: US Forest Service – Sequoia National Forest / Facebook)
Snow fell to the window sills of the exhibited Montecito Sequoia Lodge in Kings Canyon National Park (Image: AP)

Joel Keeler had posted on Twitter some videos of his experience in the lodge.

In a post on Tuesday he said: "It's cold, clear and beautiful, but we're still snowed in!

"They are working hard to clear the road … Still a big driveway!"

On Thursday he announced that the guests would finally drive home to share a video of the cleared road and a row of vehicles winding between towering snow banks.

More than 120 visitors and employees who were snowed in the Sierra Nevada Resort for five days (Image: Joel Keeler via AP)

The snow that had captured the guests began to sink last Friday, covering the area until Saturday night.

Meanwhile, another winter storm is on the way to the region.

Meteorologists have issued a winter storm warning for the southern Sierra Nevada, which predicts more snow, strong wind and potentially dangerous conditions like falling trees and slippery roads.

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The Forest Service encouraged visitors to travel with extreme caution.

"The recent storm has left very little room for maneuver and there is nowhere more snow falling," it says in a statement.

"The trees are laden with snow and ice and the accumulating fresh snow leads to failures."