After Star Wars, Indiana Jones is now being expanded

When Star Wars 7: The Force Awakens hit theaters, it was Harrison Ford who was most prominently represented by the old heroes of the saga. Gradually, however, the franchise said goodbye to the star, not least by introducing a young version, played by Alden Ehrenreich. It looks like Disney is pursuing a similar strategy with Indiana Jones.

Indiana Jones: Will Chris Pratt Replace Harrison Ford In The Future?

Based on a scoop by the well-connected insider Daniel Richtman (via Comic Book ) Chris Pratt is to put on the hat of the legendary archaeologist in the future and swing his whip through a new adventure. There have been rumors of this kind in the past, specifically with the name Chris Pratt. So far they have been stubbornly denied, recently by Frank Marshall.

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“There’s only one Indiana Jones and that’s Harrison Ford”, the producer assured the series a few weeks ago Den of Geek . Richtman’s Scoop is still interesting because it provides more information about the Expansion of the franchise waits.

Here are the most important points about the Indiana Jones future at a glance:

  • Indiana Jones 5 is the final part with Harrison Ford in the lead role

  • The film is set to prepare several spin-off films and series
  • They are live action and animation projects
  • These are not only intended for the cinema, but also for Disney +
  • Chris Pratt could become the young Indy in this context

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

One thing in particular seems familiar: The Handover of hat and whip to the next generation. Because that’s what George Lucas and Steven Spielberg tried in Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull with Shia LaBeouf in 2008, but without lasting success. The row then fell asleep again.

That leads to the question: What is Disney going to do with Indiana Jones?

Nine years ago, the group took over the production company Lucasfilm and announced new films for Star Wars and Indiana Jones. While the space fairy tale has been expanding steadily since The Force Awakens (five films and a live-action series have been released to date, over ten other Star Wars projects are in development), Indiana Jones 5 hardly any noticeable progress made.

After Star Wars, Disney wants to massively expand Indiana Jones

When the sequel hits cinemas in July 2022, the project will have a history of more than ten years behind it. That’s an astonishingly long time when we consider that there’s nothing more valuable in Hollywood right now than established brands. But the film turned out to be unexpected problem childwhich led even director Steven Spielberg to turn his back on Indiana Jones 5.

One of the main reasons for this is the script. David Koepp should write it first, then Jonathan Kasdan. Apparently there was great disagreement about the direction of the film, so that James Mangold, who was hired as a director replacement, now brings a completely new approach to Indiana Jones 5. And this approach could be key to massive expansion as Richtman describes in his Scoop.

Hunter of the lost treasure

Disney is increasingly separating from the old guard and making the adventure series fit for a new generation of viewers. It should have been clear from the start that there would never be one last Indiana Jones film with Harrison Ford. After ten years of waiting, Disney finally wants to see results. Everything indicates that Part 5 is a Launch pad for the future of the franchise becomes.

Indiana Jones is a valuable brand for Disney +

This approach is reminiscent of Star Wars. The first live action series, The Mandalorian, resulted in three spin-offs. Particularly exciting: This has the focus of Star Wars for the next two years aimed entirely at Disney +. It is obvious that Disney also wants to show off its Indiana Jones brand there in order to win new subscriptions and to retain existing ones with fresh content.

If we look beyond the Disney borders, the tactics at Warner Bros. can be seen where in the future for each new DC movie a spin-off for the streaming service HBO Max is to be developed. It starts with The Suicide Squad and The Batman, whose spin-off series have already received the green light. The series proved that this can also work at Indiana Jones 30 years ago.

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

After the original trilogy was completed in theaters, George Lucas brought the prehistory to television with The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. A Expansion of the mythology so it is definitely possible. The target group that Disney wants to address turns out to be the biggest problem. The most recent Star Wars films have shown how tricky it is to navigate between different generations of fans.

Disney, Indiana Jones 5 and the final nostalgia bonus

Reconciling old fans, gaining new fans: Disney stands a balancing act aheadwhich is made particularly difficult by Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Despite individual defenders, the film has not entered the canon as an equal successor to the original trilogy.

From a Disney perspective, however, one cannot wait any longer to find the perfect Indiana Jones film between fan expectations and creative demands. With every passing minute a lucrative franchise lies fallow – including the huge income from merchandising and theme parks.

The final Harrison Ford return represents a unique opportunity for Disney to im Slipstream of the nostalgia bonus laying the foundations for a new Indy era. Then the next generation takes over. Lucas and Spielberg are already gone. It won’t be long before Disney completely controls the Indy series and designs it according to its own ideas.

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What do you hope for in the future from the Indiana Jones series?

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