After the cushions, Throwboy has launched a line of blankets inspired by the Finder and the classic Macintosh

Throwboy is a company known by the most lovers of the apple brand for its curious pillow designs. The company has decided to diversify its portfolio a bit and has unveiled a pair of throw blankets inspired by the iconic original Macintosh as well as the Finder icon.

An excellent gift for fans of the brand

The first of the presented blankets, which is called 1984, is, as the name suggests, inspired by the original Macintosh that was released on that date. The blanket faithfully reproduces the color of that computer and the characteristic floppy drive on the front. Of course, on the site of the Apple logo this is replaced by a kind of seal, with the colors of the apple, but without its shape, we understand that it is intellectual property.


The second blanket presented is called Icon and is inspired by the original Finder icon that accompanies us to this day in all the Docks of all Macs. A design that, without having the complexity of the previous model, draws attention to the correctness of the colors and the overall proportion of the element.

Icon Blanket
Icon Blanket

Both blankets are, like all the content that Throwboy produces, of excellent quality and, in addition, of considerable thickness when sheltering the most geeks of the house. They are made of polyester and measure 127 by 152 centimeters.

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It is clear that the marked and elegant design of the apple products can be replicated in different objects. We’ve seen cases for the AirPods with the original Macintosh, now we see blankets and pillows, what’s next?

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