After the storm, Mar del Plata gave us an incredible sunset

The weather this thursday in Mar del Plata Is generating shocking phenomena. After practically it was done at night in the morning Faced with the imposing advance of a storm front, the afternoon gave the people of Mar del Plata a dreamy sunset.

The sky of Mar del Plata, completely orange.

The renowned photographer from Mar del Plata Juan Mathias obtained with his camera some impressive images of the sunset in the southern area of ​​Mar del Plata. After the storm and the intense rain that shook the city throughout the day, the sunset allowed us to see a fiery sky that drew the attention of those who could appreciate it.

This Wednesday morning, after starting the day with a humid climate and with a warning for storms, around 11 o’clock the sky quickly covered and the storm front advanced over Mar del Plata. Thus, after a rainy afternoon, the storm moved away again in the southern area and allowed us to enjoy a beautiful sunset.


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