After years of overlooking and keeping silent about the rampant pedophilia of the Afghan security forces, the US State Department has issued a statement on recent revelations about the Afghan custom of "Bacha Bazi." The US government's traditional response to such allegations was either denying or claiming that they had taken up the matter with the relevant Afghan authorities.

Recently, the media reported that the Afghan government arrested two human rights defenders after exposing a pedophile ring in the country's schools in the province of Logar. It is reported that 165 boys were raped in only three schools. They were raped by their teachers, local authorities and even older boys at the school. If all six schools are put together, the number can be over 500.

Pedophilia is extremely normalized in Afghan culture. The culture of Afghanistan is exactly what one would call rape culture. In the hugely popular custom of "Bacha Bazi," little boys and teenagers were often forced to dress in female clothes and dance in front of men before being raped. President Ashraf Ghani vowed to crack down on practices in 2015, but despite his testimony, Bacha Bazi is still widespread and the persecution of pedophiles is rare.

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As the arrest of the human rights activist shows, the Afghan government has an extreme lack of willingness to take serious action on this issue. The US Department of State response comes after the Deputy Foreign Minister announced last month that the Trump administration is closely monitoring the situation.

The behavior of the Trump administration in this matter seems to be significantly different from that of its predecessor. There is enough evidence to suggest that the Obama administration was fully aware of the horrendous practice that was widespread even among the Afghan security forces. It was reported by the New York Times in 2015 that US soldiers were instructed by their commanders to look away, even if their allies raped children in front of them. There was also speculation that Bacha Bazi even led to the assassination of a US soldier.

"At night we can hear them screaming, but we must not do anything about it," said the father of the deceased soldier, Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley Jr. remembered his son. He continued, "My son said that his officials told him to look away because it was their culture." he explained. "They do not know that our Marines are sick."

The father of the deceased Marine believes that Bacha Bazi had played a crucial role in the death of his son. Lance Cpl. Gregory Buckley Jr. was killed at a checkpoint where he was stationed with a pedophile commander who had a harem of bacha bazi boys. The navy had complained about this commander and was killed along with two other Marines by a pedophile boy.

The American military has also forced soldiers to withdraw because they have refused to deviate from pedophilia in military bases. Dan Quinn, a former Special Forces captain who beat a US-backed Afghan militia commander for handcuffing a boy to his bed as a sex slave, told NYT in 2015, "The reason we came here is because that we have heard the terrible things The Taliban did the people how they took away the human rights. But we brought people to power who would do things worse than the Taliban – that was something village elders told me. "Quinn's US military career was ruined because he beat a pedophile.

In a government report released in January 2018, it was learned that the US military reviewed 5,753 opportunities for "gross violations of human rights" from 2010 to 2016 on Afghan military units. This did not happen once. "DOD continues to support units for which the ministry has credible information on gross human rights violations, which undermines US government officials' efforts to talk to the Afghan government about the importance of respect for human rights and the rule of law," the statement said Report said.

"The US Department of Defense and US Department of State ministries have just begun efforts to tackle this issue after being addressed by the New York Times (2015 Report)," said John F. Sopko, the Inspector General. "And even after this story, the sufficiency of their policies and the resources they use are questionable, and when Congress passed the Leahy laws, they prioritized the issue of gross human rights violations, as our report clearly shows not fulfilled. "

Clearly, the US government has decided to turn away from rampant pedophilia among its allies. While the US continues to hold human rights lectures, they themselves are extremely willing to work with pedophiles to achieve strategic geopolitical goals. While it is true that the blame does not lie with American soldiers or their government, it does reveal the farcicality of the alleged crusade of the West for human rights. The behavior of the US government shows that human rights are only a convenient excuse for the West to pursue its geostrategic goal with the resources of its military.

The Democrats in the US have given India a lot of talk about human rights following the repeal of Article 370 in Jammu & Kashmir. However, they remained silent when the US government worked with pedophiles during Barack Obama's presidency. Nor did they have much to say when the US financed terrorists in the Middle East.

The Western media also has much to say about the increasing intolerance in India since Narendra Modi came to power. However, they did not even subject the US government to a fraction of the control because they refused to crack down on Bacha Bazi. Like the political establishment, the media was silent when the US government was busy financing terrorists in Syria.

It is not surprising that the US mass media serve as the propaganda wing of the US military-industrial complex and the Deep State. Until recently, the "deep state" was considered a conspiracy theory, but lately, since Donald Trump came to power, various intellectuals have claimed that the deep state is indeed very honorable because they want to force a coup against a democratically elected president Intellectuals do not like.

The US silence on Bacha Bazi in Afghanistan also shows that the current shouting about China is a joke because of violations of human rights in Hong Kong and Xinjiang. The real problem here is not human rights but the threat to China of undermining the global hegemony of the United States. As we said at Opindia in August 2018, China will never be forced to repent of its rude treatment of Uyghur Muslims.

The only reason the US political establishment is shouting about human rights violations in China is that they pose a serious threat to the current global world order that is to serve the West. If China had allied itself with the West, it would have been more than willing to ignore the human rights violations committed by the Chinese regime. They forced American soldiers to resign when they protested against institutionalized pedophilia. The United States is by no means morally superior to the brutal Chinese regime.

So the clowns in the Indian "intellectual brotherhood" who are increasingly willing to precipitate the US administration, and often claim that the "increasing intolerance" in India could affect India's reputation in the international scene, either blithering idiots, completely naive or in the pockets of the American establishment. The fact is that India is currently crucial to US interests. Regardless of the image that the "intellectuals" are trying to draw from the Modi government, the Indian stature would continue to increase, provided there is domestic stability. The US establishment was ready to ignore the rampant pedophilia among its Afghan allies. They will be more than willing to work with India, the only world power that can legitimately claim to moral superiority.

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