“Agents should only receive a commission”

“This is a serious problem. I know a deal was largely thwarted by an agent’s $ 30 million demands for it. This needs to be addressed: no agent should be able to act / receive money from any party other than your player. There is nothing more open to corruption ”. Gary Lineker started a serious debate on the role of the footballers agent in the transfer market. English is clear.

“The answer: FIFA must make rules to prevent anyone from receiving fees from more than one party to an operation. The player must negotiate his commission with his agent. All transparent and public “, claimed the English.

“I told them bluntly:” I shit on a pitch once, and if they keep looking at me like that, I’ll do it again. “. Gary Lineker posted a photo where up to eight Argentine players demanded an action from a national team match. Obviously, with this text, it went viral.

“‘Partey Time’ (Party Time) at Arsenal but still no invitation for Gunnersaurus”. After the confirmation of the signing of Thomas Partey by the English club, he joked again, also pulling a semantic game to welcome the former Atlético.

“So sad. Bloody dinosaur “. Gunnersaurus, Arsenal’s mascot dinosaur, was liquidated after 27 years as a cutback measure in the face of the economic crisis in world football. Arsenal fans revealed themselves and Lineker joined in their complaints.

“Sparkly”Gary publicly congratulated Mesut Ozil who offered to pay the salary of the Arsenal mascot while he was an Arsenal player. The ex of Madrid tweeted it and did it for the loyalty of Jerry Quy, the man who was transformed into Gunnersaurus

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“The representatives should only receive a commission from the players, not from the clubs or even sometimes from both clubs. Working for two parties in a deal and often three (player, selling club and buying club) is wrong with an inevitable conflict of interest ”. Gary reflected on the transfer model that current football lives in the end of the market.

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