Air hostess breastfeeds the passenger's baby

Air hostess breastfeeds the passenger's baby

There was no formula milk on the flight.

A Philippine flight attendant is praised for having rejected her school-aged reputation on board. Patrisha Organo, 24, one of the cabin crews of Philippine Airlines, hastened to an anxious mother and nursed her heartbroken baby in flight.

Organo heard a child cry shortly after departure and left to offer help to the mother. "Everything went smoothly right up to the start, I heard the cry of a child, a scream that wants to make you do anything to help," TFT Organo quoted. She added, "I tried to tell her to feed her starving child.

Unfortunately, there was no vial milk on the flight, which meant that feeding the hungry screaming child was not possible. Organo also panicked, but decided to breastfeed the passenger's baby himself. "I thought there was only one thing I could offer that would breastfeed the baby and I offered it," Organo said.

The mother and her baby were assisted by the line administrator of the flight into the aircraft kitchen, where Organo nursed the baby until falling asleep. "The baby started rooting, she was so hungry, I brought her back to her place and just before I left, the mother thanked me sincerely Thank you, Lord, for the gift of breast milk", Organo added.

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