AirPods Studio and AirTags absent from Apple Event

For weeks the rumor remained stating that this new accessory would be launched on the market alongside the new Iphone 12, which went on pre-sale yesterday, October 16 and will be available in stores from the 26th of this month, on which will not be the case for AirPods.

Jon Prosser, one of the main analysts of Apple, declared that it was due to various problems within the United States company that made the efficient production of said product impossible, causing a delay in its process to make the pertinent changes and achieve a correct operation of the device.

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On the other hand, some of the characteristics of AirPods Studios They had to be eliminated due to a malfunction, however now they will include noise cancellation and can be used in both ears, USB-C port, available in white and gray.

Why didn't Apple introduce the new AirPods Studio and AirTags?

These headphones are expected to be launched in late 2020, in a more limited version, but with an equally high price, however, the possibility remains that the production process will continue to stop, which would cause a delay in its launch until March of the next year.

On the other hand, regarding AirTags, the analyst of Apple mentioned that its arrival on the market was estimated until 2021, however Prosser He recently assured that they were ready and that they would be released together with iOS14.3 in November, because within the operating system configuration there are functions related to this product.

Let us remember that this ‘error’, as it refers Apple This new device will have Bluetooth monitoring and will allow you to be connected to elements of everyday life, such as: keys, wallet, car, etc., which will be very useful for people with different abilities or a tendency to forget things.

The operation of this device will consist of adhering the label AirTags, which will emit a striking sound in order to indicate the place where it is. Likewise, there is the theory that it includes an augmented reality function that allows us to see the location of the object to be found, through a map in our mobile device.

Why didn't Apple introduce the new AirPods Studio and AirTags?


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