If a new job or salary increase is on your list for 2019, you should pay a visit to Aldi, who has just created a number of new positions for the coming year.

Headquartered in Warwickshire, the Warwickshire chain has embarked on a major recruitment drive to fill a number of vacancies over the next 12 months.

Following the opening of the 800th store in the UK last year, it is planned to build a 1,000-strong network by 2022.

Aldi's most recent positions include workshops for apprentices and beginners, starting at £ 8.70 per hour outside London and £ 10.20 on the M25.

The supermarket pays the independent living wage, which is higher than the minimum wage of the government and factors for rising prices such as inflation.

Elsewhere, there are opportunities for career changers in areas such as management. Salaries could cause you to earn more than £ 58,000 a year.

And the benefits are also attractive – some features offer up to five weeks annual leave.

Part of the bumper drive includes a British graduate program with head offices for those with a 2: 1 degree and a full driver's license.

Graduates will work on a 12-month training program that will earn them up to £ 75,360 over four years. On the first day, a full-fledged Audi A4 is taken home.

Elsewhere, there are dozens of new stores this year – and how can you apply for them?

Here's everything you need to know and how to apply.

area manager

The positions are for experienced, career changers and graduates

Salary: £ 51,760

Hours: full-time

Place: UK-wide

Job description: During the intensive training program, you'll get a comprehensive overview of how we at Aldi are doing to become part of our talented Area Manager team. Our training program is the first step to revitalizing your career!

During your introduction you will get a clear picture of the business and what makes us so different. This is followed by an intensive training phase that covers everything from stacking shelving to deciding how the store is run. Then, when you get the keys to your own business, deal with managing your team and running a multi-million pound business, the challenges are really big. At the end of the 12-month training program, you are ready to take on a full role as Area Manager, with all the associated responsibilities, from employee motivation to promoting excellence. Your ultimate goal? Develop your affiliate teams to achieve the highest possible revenue while ensuring an efficient and collaborative work environment, outstanding customer service, minimum cost and maximum productivity.

Aldi also has divisional manager positions for graduates starting at £ 44,000 and also offering career development opportunities.

Apply here.

Regional Administrative Assistant

Fancy a career change?

Salary: £ 30,580

Hours: Full time, 12 months fixed term

Place: Atherstone, Warwickshire

Job description: In supporting our regional activities, you play a key role in ensuring a smooth and efficient business.

Your daily routine includes organizational work, data processing, analysis, bid completion and ensuring data security. Of course, you need an eye for detail and excellent organizational skills to work effectively as a team. At Aldi we do our stuff. But whatever we do, we have to do it right. With a wave of impressive sales behind us, we are opening new stores as fast as lightning. And that means there's a lot to do in our regional administration team.

Apply here.

Shop Assistant – Aldi

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Salary: £ 10.20

Hours: full-time

Place: North London (and the whole of the UK)

Job description: You can do everything by ticking off deliveries, processing inquiries, or making sure the shelves are stocked with well-presented products. Of course, you always provide excellent customer service by responding quickly and in a friendly manner to customer needs. It's a very fast environment, and everyone knows exactly what has to happen to make his shop a success – and keep going. There is a real sense of family here and we are all part of a close-knit team.

Apply here.

Aldi Store Assistant training

Salary: £ 180 per week

Hours: Full time, 12-15 months

Place: Ludlow

Job description: In the first year you will learn everything about the business and how it works. You are expected:

• Storage shelves
• Support customers
• Operate the cash registers
• Build relationships with your colleagues

In the second year you will take more responsibility with the completion of the Level 3 program. This includes:

• Manage plans
• Allocation of tasks to colleagues
• Order products
• Manage cash
• Support the store manager when running the store

They have to work at least 30 hours a week and this will consist of different shift patterns, including early morning, evening and weekend.

Apply here.

Deputy Managing Director

Salary: £ 9.85 – £ 11.41 per hour

Hours: full-time

Place: Bakewell

Job description: In this incredibly diverse role, you'll help manage a shop that's better and more successful than ever.

They pride themselves on maximizing revenue, ensuring outstanding customer service, minimizing costs, and optimizing productivity. There is also real responsibility. If the Store Manager and Assistant Store Manager are not there, you have full responsibility for the store and can gain valuable experience to help you with your next step in management. That means tackling everything from ordering inventory to training staff and reviewing product presentation to achieving sales goals. It feels great to be part of a company that does things in its own way and achieves fantastic results.

Apply here.

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