Aldosivi is directed by the one Timoteo sent to his sister

Favio Fernández, the Yagui, The former gymnastics midfielder, Unión de Santa Fe, Huracán and Independiente, will be Aldosivi’s coach against Defense and Justice, this Thursday on the Arsenal field at the closing of the Complementation Zone (the Falcon has to score six goals to get Rosario Central as the group’s winner).

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He replaces Angel Hoyos, disengaged by the leadership, and it was his turn because he is the technician of the Shark Reserve. He is remembered among football fans for an anecdote during the match for the penultimate date of Clausura 95, playing for Lobo. The team from La Plata beat Ferro 1-0 in Caballito and was sent off for a double yellow. Already with the first yellow the definition against Independiente was lost. Therefore, when leaving the field, he tried to relativize his attitude to the reproach of coach Carlos Timoteo Griguol. “It’s the same,” he told DT. And the Cordovan reacted with an insult that remained in the collective memory: “You want to be champion of your sister’s shell.”

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