Alert for covid cases in Santa Marta – Other Cities – Colombia

The alarms for the covid-19 turned on again in Santa Marta, after the accelerated increase in cases in recent days that forced the Health authorities to speak out and call on the public to take extreme biosecurity measures.

In the monitoring carried out by the Mayor’s Office, through the control panel implemented to measure the behavior of the virus in the city, a gradual acceleration in contagion was identified during the month of November.

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According to the report of the Ministry of Health, the average reached 67 cases per day in the last week.

Likewise, there are increases in hospitalization in the General Ward and in Intermediate Care Units of the city’s IPS, as well as an increase in deceased patients.

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This scenario makes the authorities think that the city is starting a second peak of the pandemic.

It shows a more pronounced increase than that registered after Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

“The curve has already started to climb a little more vertiginously. It shows a more pronounced increase than that registered at the beginning of the pandemic after Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, ”said Henrique Toscano Salas, District Health Secretary.

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The official explained that in these two weeks there have been more than 50 cases per day; in the week From 1 to 7, an average of 55 daily cases were presented and in the week of November 8 to 14, 67 cases began to appear.

According to the analysis of the head of the Health portfolio in the District, this behavior of the virus is due to the opening of the different sectors of the economy, holiday bridges, the School Recess Week, among other factors.

To not forget

The health secretary placed special emphasis on the non-compliance of citizens with biosafety protocols, as well as social indiscipline in public places with large crowds, parties and social parties with high consumption of liquor.

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Toscano assured that it has been identified that several bars changed their business name to restaurants, however, they remain dedicated to indiscriminate sales of liquor as well as dance service to the clientele.

“We continue to invite citizens to comply with these parameters, as well as business owners to comply with regulations such as the sale of spirits. only as an accompaniment to food and require their customers to wear a mask, because covid-19 has not ceased to be a threat to life, “he added.

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Roger Urieles
Special for THE TIME
Santa Marta


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