The mother of a 16-year-old boy who was accused of kidnapping and murdering Alesha MacPhail contacted the police after the child's body had been found.

PC Gavin McKellar told the High Court in Glasgow, Scotland, that the teenager had volunteered to speak with officers at around 1 am on July 3 in his home on July 3rd.

The boy's mother had been drinking when she called in the early morning hours after the discovery of Alesha's body in the Rothesay Police Station

She told the cops that her son had been outside the house in the early hours of July 2, being held on CCTV.

The defendant, referred to by PC McKellar as "confident" and "very cooperative," asked his mother to leave the room while talking to officers.

Alesha is pictured with father Robert and his girlfriend Toni McLachlan

The court had previously received allegations from the defendant that he had had sex with Tony's father's girlfriend, Toni-Louise McLachlan, and that she had then used the semen-filled condom as evidence to incriminate the on-court teenager.

Ms. McLachlan denied that this was the case.

When asked by the defendant that he was charged with murder, Ms. McLachlan said, "Terrible. "I do not know how to take it. I'm sad, I'm angry, I'm full of emotions. "

In a statement given to the police as a witness, the accused said he had left his home in the middle of the night to buy cannabis resin, and showered after he returned home because he was "really stoned."

He said he realized he had lost his cell phone and went out again.

He concluded by explaining to the officers that he did not go to the MacPhail family home and said that if they did not believe him, "they could have my DNA."

The boy said he had contacted Alesha's father. Robert MacPhail and four or five other people he knew who sold cannabis to see if he could get any left the house on Ardbeg Road at 2am.

Mr. MacPhail and Ms. McLachlan are seen at the Glasgow High Court

Alesha was found dead in July of last year on the Isle of Bute in Scotland

He said he knew Mr. MacPhail had a relationship with a woman named Toni Louise McLachlan, but claimed that he had never met Alesha, even though he knew his dealer had a little girl.

The defendant stated that he had gone through Rothke and Ardbeg through Skeoch Wood to avoid the police, and passed an abandoned school compound before going to a dealer where he bought "pollen" for £ 30.

He told the police that he "enjoyed taking showers" while he was cooling down and said, "I take a shower when I am stoned – baked".

A police officer, PC David Grant, recalled being called to the MacPhail household after Alesha was missing.

Robert MacPhail, father of Alesha MacPhail, in front of the High Court in Glasgow

He described that the child, Angela King, panicked and blamed himself for leaving the key in the door.

And he remembered being met by Alesha's father, Mr. MacPhail, and his girlfriend, who was "very worried and crying."

PC Grant said Mr. MacPhail appeared to be "in a stupor" and did not fully respond to what he said, which he believed was concern for Alesha.

Mother of Alesha MacPhail, Georgina Lochrane, arrives at the court

After the child's body was found around 9:00 am, the officer learned of a knife found on a beach opposite the MacPhail family home near a bus stop.

A large kitchen knife with a black handle and a gray oval insert was shown to the jury on screens in the courtroom.

The trial continues.

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