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Two days after EL TIEMPO exclusively revealed that part of Álex Saab’s family moved from Caracas to Moscow, in the middle of the final stretch of the definition of his extradition to the United States, the barraquillero’s defense ruled on the matter.

Sources in Caracas and documents held by this newspaper confirm that the Italian model Camilla Fabri, wife of Saab, was in Colombia before the start of the pandemic and traveled to Venezuela by private plane. In addition, that he remained in that country since Saab capture (June 12, 2020) until a few weeks ago, when he traveled to Russia with other people.

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The information was reproduced by both Colombian and international media, where the transfer to Russia is linked to the legal situation of Saab, which has been detained for 8 months in Cape Verde, pending a decision on the merits before March 11 about his extradition to the United States or his freedom.

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However, in communication with EL TIEMPO, Saab’s defense pointed out that Saab and his family’s nexus with Russia is labor.

Nicolás Maduro appointed Saab as his plenipotentiary ambassador in Africa in December, to grant him immunity.

‘Labor nexus’

Indeed, just as the regime has admitted that Saab was its representative and ‘special envoy’ before the Iranian government, for the procurement of gasoline, medicines and food, in the case of Russia it is spoken only in the field of business.

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“Regarding Mr. Saab’s family: Contrary to the impression given by some Colombian publications, Mr. Saab’s family did not” just move “to Moscow,” he says.

He adds: “Due to the fact that Mr. Saab’s work has taken him to Russia for extended periods since 2018, his family has also been with him living between Moscow and Caracas. In fact, his youngest daughter was born in Moscow in January. 2020 “.

Final stretch?

And while Saab’s work in Russia is not specified, it is emphasized that “Right now the whole family is focused on achieving his release and highlighting the injustice and mistreatment he has suffered at the hands of the Cape Verdean authorities during the last 8 months.”

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Saab himself has said that he considers himself an objective of the United States and that, what he describes as the judicial overreach in his case, is due to political motives of the United States, and of some of his “regional cronies” to weaken Maduro.

In this regard, Cape Verde has made it known that for them Saab is neither a diplomat nor does it have the immunity that its defense demands before Cedeao. In addition, that the case has served legal judicial times and that it is now in the hands of the Supreme Court, after the Court of Appeals gave free access to extradition.

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In the United States, a process for money laundering awaits him, in excess of 350 million dollars, linked to the regime. However, for that country, Saab is a key part of the agreements between Maduro’s Venezuela and Turkey, Iran and Russia.



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