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Alex Salmond interrogated by host about UK government negotiations

Salmond, leader of the new independence Alba Party, aspires to make a spectacular return to Holyrood almost seven years after resigning as leader of the SNP and Prime Minister. Speaking this morning, he asserted that there is a “range of options” open if Prime Minister Boris Johnson continues to block a second vote on independence.

Salmond said that in those circumstances, “the idea of ​​a plebiscite is open,” indicating that a vote could be arranged in Scotland.

He said other options include the prospect of national or international legal action against the UK government and calling for “international pressure, diplomatic pressure” on Johnson.

Salmond also said: “I believe that popular and peaceful demonstrations have a role to play in politics.

“But we must present this debate as a Conservative Prime Minister against a Scottish Parliament and a Scottish nation, the entire community of the Kingdom of Scotland.”

Salmond has threatened the prime minister with legal action if another referendum is not granted to Scotland (Image:.)

Salmond recalled that the objective is not to ensure a referendum, but to ensure independence (Image:.)

In a thinly veiled attack on Ms Sturgeon, she also sided with her critics, who say she has been too cautious in her quest for independence.

Speaking on BBC Radio Scotland’s Good Morning Scotland program, Mr Salmond said: ‘I think in terms of urgency, in terms of continuing with that work, I am not sure why the case has not been carried out with so much urgency as it should have ended. the last five years, but it should be done now.

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He said there is a “growing awareness in Scotland that this must be done”, adding: “People will be very frustrated if we go back to the pro-independence majorities and nothing happens.”

The Alba Party is running candidates in all eight regions on Holyrood’s voters list, and Salmond believes his party can help see a pro-independence MSP “supermajority” elected on May 6.

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Alex Salmond clashes with BBC presenter for poisonings in Salisbury

He said: ‘Now I think that a supermajority… is much more likely to happen in the next Parliament than in the last Parliament.’

Sturgeon has already made clear that if she is reelected to power next month, her immediate focus will be to continue addressing the coronavirus crisis.

But Mr Salmond said: ‘I think the first job of that new Parliament, with its supermajority, should be to pass a resolution in week one, instructing the Scottish government to start negotiations with the UK government on Scottish independence, that’s the kind of urgency we want to inject into the independence debate.

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Nicola Sturgeon

Mr. Salmond has urged the FM to begin talks with Mr. Johnson in “week one of the new parliament” (Image:.)

“If it is a debate that is presented as a Conservative Prime Minister against a Scottish Parliament, representing the Scottish people, the new declaration of independence, then Scotland will have a fundamental advantage in these negotiations.

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“That’s the importance of getting a supermajority and the opportunity this election presents.”

It comes after former Scottish Prime Minister Salmond declined to say whether he believes Russia was behind the Salisbury poisonings in 2018 when Sergei Skripal, a former Russian military officer, and his daughter Yulia were attacked.

Asked repeatedly if Russia was responsible for the incident, Salmond told BBC Radio Scotland on Wednesday morning: “Evidence was presented, it was contested, I said they should go to international courts and tribunals, I said so at the time.”

Speaking this afternoon, Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie said he was appalled by Salmond’s comments.

Willie Rennie

Willie Rennie, Scottish leader Lib Dem (Image:.)

In a press conference with journalists, he said: “Minimizing Russia’s role in the Salisbury poisonings or questioning the role simply shows how far it has collapsed.”

“From someone who was the leader of our country, respected, even if you do not agree with him, to an apologist for Putin.

“It would be a frightening prospect if he were in the Scottish Parliament after May.”

The Scottish Liberal Democrat politician also urged Scottish voters to “move away from the nationalist movement as a whole.”

He added: “Do voters really want Alex Salmond to argue with Nicola Sturgeon for the last five years?

“We can no longer afford to take risks with the nationalists.”

Ed Davey

Sir Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats (Image:.)

Sir Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats, affirmed the idea that Alex Salmond was the answer to “any question is silly.”

He added: ‘The way he seems to treat women makes him unsuitable for the position.

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“All it is showing is division by nationalist politics.

“We have just witnessed the deepest recession in 300 years and the recipe of the nationalists is to have Brexit 2.0.

“Brexit is a total disaster and independence would repeat those mistakes.”

Annie Wells, Scottish Conservative candidate for Glasgow, said: ‘This interview about a car accident only served to emphasize again that Alex Salmond is unfit for public office.

“His terrible refusal to condemn Russia for the Salisbury poisonings shows how deep he is for his Kremlin payers.

“Alex Salmond may not have seen the relevance of being questioned about his ties to Russia, but voters will be amazed at his continued lack of moral judgment.”

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