Alexis Sanchez is reportedly seeking a move to the French PSG giants, despite being less than a year in his 80 million pound contract with Manchester United.

Sanchez only scored 24 goals for Jose Mourinho's side since Sanchez was fired by Manchester City's Manchester United team in January.

According to The timesSanchez's agent, Fernando Felicevich, has given prospective buyers feel-good requests for a promising response from the Paris side. This is not the first time that Sanchez has been involved in the move to the French championship after being considered the PSG's top priority in 2017 until it was informed of the availability of Kylian Mbappé.

Sanchez reportedly had difficulty settling in Manchester (EPA)

The Manchester United coach is reportedly increasingly disillusioned by Sanchez, and the backroom staff are also being attacked by the striker's tendency to criticize Mourinho's tactics.

The team of Untied is allegedly a little indifferent to Sanchez, who speaks as Arsenal with only a few selected players and instead prefers the company of his two dogs.

In connection with the fighting nature of the Chilean on the pitch – often demanding the ball, selfish possession and the mistakes of his teammates – he has contributed little to the fact that he could settle in the club.

Jose Mourinho is increasingly disenchanted with the strikers (Reuters)

It remains to be seen if PSG would be prepared to match Sanchez's astronomical pay package at United, which is said to be between £ 350,000 and £ 500,000 per week. After all, the French champions are already playing with Neymar and Mbappé on the wings, although the couple is constantly speculating about whether a move to Spain could come about.

Although living in London seems to have preferred the new home of his new home, Sanchez may be prepared to pay a cut to move to the French capital.

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