Alisha Lehmann, the Everton player who has more than one dreaming for her fascinating beauty

In the women’s team Everton, club where the Colombian plays James Rodriguez,
there is a soccer player named Alisha Lehmann who steals all eyes and conquers the hearts of fans thanks to her tremendous beauty and statuesque figure.

Alisha Lehmann She is for many the most beautiful soccer player in Europe and the world, her curves, empowerment and attractive style allow any ‘Blue’ fan or player to fall in love with her.

Besides being famous for her cuteness, 22-year-old Alisha came to the blue club after showing a high level in her former team West Ham United.

Thousands have been attracted to their attention and even their fame on social networks has increased greatly thanks to the recurring searches they do.

Many were surprised to see that James follows her on Instagram where she accumulates more than 1.8 million followers.

It is worth mentioning that Alisha is a lesbian and has a love relationship with another soccer player, Ramona Bachmann. Both share in the selection of Switzerland.

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