A number of changes are underway on the Guided Busway while Stageoach is looking to improve its services.

In July of this year, the transportation company invited the general public to a consultation to gather feedback on Cambridgeshire Busway services.

The diligence then gathered the results and put in place plans to improve the Busway.

There are five main areas on which Stagecoach will focus. These are: better capacity, increased frequency, easier travel planning, cheaper tickets and security guarantees.

Full details are below.

Better capacity

Feedback from the public consultation suggested that guided bus users want better capacity for their vehicles during peak hours.

In response to this, Stagecoach will introduce 18 new buses on busway lines thanks to an investment of £ 5 million.

Twelve of these new buses will be double-decker cars with 100 seats.

Improved frequency

Bus users at the consultation asked for increased frequency and punctuality.

Stagecoach says it's aiming to introduce a five-minute frequency during peak hours.

This should be in place in the spring of 2020.

Easier trip planning

The public asked for easier route planning and calendars.

After the consultation, Stagecoach announced the update of its application, which can be used to track buses as they borrow the route.

Users will also be able to view live schedules and purchase mobile tickets.

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Better value tickets

The results of the consultation showed that Busway users were asking for better value tickets.

Stagecoach said: "We are offering great value tickets to families with our Cambridgeshire Family Dayrider Plus tickets.

"We are also working hard to change our overall ticketing structure in the East".

Security insurances

During the consultation, the general public requested assurances on the safety of the Busway.

Stagecoach said "continue to offer excellent driving training, but we are also improving our communication with the public".

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