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For James Cameron everything started with a severed arm and some maggots. He was art director at Roger Corman Piranha II: The spawning and designed for a special effect to move some living maggots in an arm prosthesis by shocking the support with a live electrical cable. This helped him to become a director Piranha IILaunch a career associated with groundbreaking science fiction and genre films.

Cameron has long since refused Piranha Experience – he was only a "director" for less than three weeks and had no access to daily papers or editorial space – paved the way for a claim The terminator as his feature film debut, which admittedly looks a bit better on a resume. And in this cyborg-backed history, we already see one of Cameron's key fascinations: the often fatal conflict between humans and technology and the way he cuts off our own humanity (ironically, using state-of-the-art technology) -the-the-art special FX), as seen in later films T2: Last day. The abyss, and Avatar, The success of the first terminator brought him into the big studio system with a gig-directing aliensThis also cemented his reputation for creating hardened female protagonists.

In the 1990s, Cameron had the freedom to pursue his obsessions, including exploration of the oceans, which produced the phenomenon of Best Picture Titanic (only the most influential film of all time) and two documentary films, Ghosts of the Abyss and Aliens of the Deep, He returned to narrative filmmaking Avatar Although he did not release a movie in the 2010s, this will be the case Avatar that will carry him and us through the 2020s: no less than 4 sequels are planned for this decade.

# 9

Adjusted score: 72.845%

Critics Consensus: Unless it reaches the high points of earlier collaboration between director James Cameron and star Arnold Schwarzenegger, True Lies still packs enough action and humor into his sometimes absurd plot to entertain them.

Summary: Free after the French film La Totale, this is an action picture, a domestic comedy and a political … [More]

# 8th

Adjusted score: 82.392%

Critics Consensus: The underwater shots are both beautiful and impressive.

Summary: Director James Cameron travels back to the site of his greatest inspiration – the legendary wreck of the Titanic. With a team … [More]

# 7

Adjusted score: 92 035%

Critics Consensus: It may be more technical on a technical level than a piece of storytelling, but Avatar reiterates James Cameron's unique talent for imaginative, engaging filmmaking.

Summary: "Avatar" is the story of an ex-marine soldier on an alien planet full of exotic … [More]

# 6

Adjusted score: 85.301%

Critics Consensus: An amazing series of pictures under the sea.

Summary: James Cameron, director, Deep Ocean adventurer and space explorer, combines his talent and passions in 3D digital … [More]

# 4

Adjusted score: 92 018%

Critics Consensus: The absolutely ravishing special effects often overshadow the fact that The Abyss is also a totally gripping, claustrophobic thriller with an interesting crew of characters.

Summary: The crew of an experimental high-tech submarine is being asked to investigate a mysterious crash of an atomic submarine. A series… [More]

# 3

Adjusted score: 99.243%

Critics Consensus: T2 offers exciting action sequences and stunning visual effects, but what takes this science fiction / action landmark to the next level is the depth of human (and cyborg) characters.

Summary: A sequel to the science fiction action thriller that made him and Arnold Schwarzenegger Hollywood stars. The author and director James Cameron … [More]

# 2

Adjusted score: 105 757%

Critics Consensus: While Alien was a marvel of slow, atmospheric tension, Aliens offers a much more visceral punch and a typically strong performance from Sigourney Weaver.

Summary: Big-budget special effects, fast-paced action and a pronounced feminist subtext by author / director James Cameron have changed what should have been … [More]

# 1

Adjusted score: 104.715%

Critics Consensus: With its impressive action sequences, its tight business focus and relentlessly fast pace, it's clear why The Terminator continues to have an impact on sci-fi and action-flicks.

Summary: A cyborg was sent on a deadly mission from the future. He was programmed to teach a young … [More]