All the meat on the spit to weather the perfect storm

IN THE SECTOR meat has the Galician countryside one of the main pillars of its past, present and future. In beef with its own name, that of the Galician Beef PGI Regulatory Council, which rightly fuses –or pairs– that usual Galician Beef and Galician Cow-Galician Ox, which is on the way to achieving European protection as a brand warranty. Never the meat with license It was played as much as in 2020, suffering the perfect storm of confinements due to the pandemic, the closure and restrictions on the hotel industry, a large sales channel – think of the steakhouses and grills – and a serious price crisis. Jesus Gonzalez He demonstrated with figures that, by putting all the meat on the grill, the worst-case scenario can be overcome. With challenges ahead, yes, and with animal welfare as the flag. !! Congratulations!!

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