All the times Letizia has copied (or vice versa) other royals

Queen Letizia has more of her own style every day and that makes many notice her, including other queens and princesses. These are the curious coincidences.

In this globalized world, with viralized and popularized fashion, the rare thing is to be exclusive. In that terrain, neither queens nor princesses are spared. Neither does our Queen Letizia. Before they used to pull dressmakers who made them custom clothes or super luxury brands within the reach of few (now also, we will not deny it), but more and more they join the current of ‘normal’ people buying in the same stores as the rest and with preference “Good, pretty, cheap”. And if it is on sale, much better!

This circumstance causes that, from time to time, curious coincidences appear, like a ‘royal’ dressed the same as another. Even you too, street girl, surely you keep some garment that connects your wardrobe with that of royalty. You can have anticipated them or you have directly gone for that piece that you liked so much in the figure of the Queen. But there’s no problem. It is the democratization of fashion, and our Letizia.

House of HM the King.

This week he left us with two examples of outfits from accessible brands, which were also ‘copies’ of others worn by his European colleagues: a Massimo Dutti dress that he already had Maxima from Holland; and the sky blue Hugo Boss pencil skirt they already wore Mary from Denmark Y Sofia from Sweden. It has not been the only time. About who it was before, if one or the other, it matters little. The best thing is to see how, from north to south, the crowned heads sometimes make telepathy and manifest the same tastes in clothing. The grace is in observing their combinations, the only thing that makes a difference in their personality.

Here are all the times that the Queen Letizia he has “doubled” with queens and princesses. A fun game that shows, once again, that fashion conquers beyond classes and borders.

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