former Smallville star Allison Mack has asked a court to break off her sex cult negotiation from the NXIVM founder Keith can report exclusively.

A lawsuit obtained by Radar has revealed that 36-year-old Mack intends to resist sex trafficking and sexual assault charges, separate from the 58-year-old Raniere.

The submission was made immediately after the explosive allegations contained in a second indictment filed by the government earlier this month. The indictment accused the cult of sex of possessing child pornography and two cases of sexual exploitation of a child.

Mack's attorneys said their trial should be conducted separately because they did not know Raniere at the time his child was allegedly exploited.


"These new charges against Raniere are highly flammable and unjustified if they are brought in a lawsuit against Ms. Mack," the documents say.

In addition, Mack claimed that keeping her process next to Raniere would give the jury the wrong impression.

"The law is clear that allegations of sexual abuse and exploitation of children – including the creation and possession of child pornography – pose a significant risk of causing a visceral reaction of disgust and the anger of potential jurors," the court added.

In an attempt of "justice and fairness," Mack's attorneys demanded that the court order them to divorce, because a joint trial that misrepresented this evidence would harm Ms. Mack and create a serious risk that a jury would not make a reliable judgment could lead to Mrs. Mack's innocence. "

As Radar readers know, the former actress was arrested last April. In July 2018, she was named in the first indictment together with the defendant Raniere, Kathy Russell. Clare Bronfman. Nancy and Lauren Salzman,

Nancy Salzman has since pleaded guilty to a plot.

Last week Radar was told that Mack was "afraid" to go to jail for a long time. She is reportedly in work to make a plea with the government.

In the meantime, an insider told Radar that Raniere does not back down because he believes he is "innocent".