Allison Christin Mack is in Los Alamitos California, subject to home confinement, living at her parents' home. She is presently awaiting a date for sentencing and faces up to 40 years maximum. However, Judge Nicholas Garaufis is not likely to sentence to the max. Federal sentencing guidelines for the former Smallville actress are in the 3-5 year range for the convocation of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy. It is anticipated that she will be sentenced prior to the end of 2019. As for Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, we know not where she is. She may not even be alive – but a recent news story claimed she was in Los Angeles in August. Epstein – who like Maxwell – may be living or dead.

By Shivani

I wonder if Allison has found herself a "new" lifestyle yet or if she wants to stay with the culty group?

Maybe she has suspended her lifestyle until she learns how she is sentenced, (?) Since that's what she's on at least at this point. Maybe she wants to get a surprise and get off lightly. She seems to have a baby in prison, she makes the effort to keep herself occupied and decides to interact with the other prisoners, without trying to impress them with her "marvelousness."

With a bit of subtlety, maybe they could become popular again, at last.

She might arrange for a little bit less incarceration time, as well as a time not quite as punitive, if she would just get pregnant, maybe sometime this autumn. She could have a baby, somebody to love more profoundly than she loves herself, if such a miracle is possible for Mack.

Having spent much of her adult life doing dumbass, what harm would one more impractical, irresponsible move do, really?

Then, after a while, they are relocating to their homes. They are living in Mauritania , futilely and passionately, to get the men to do something, anything.

Allison could happily be acculturated into Mauitanian social norms. She would never feel too fat. Her Germanic appearance would always get her ATTENTION and possibly even overwhelming approval and applause. Raniere's whim. Allison need not give up looking for a fiefdom for her inferiority / superiority complexes. For in Mauritania, it might be fascinating, and all could be easy for poor Allison could win over another crowd.

However, with her skill set, Allison could not be better than sex-trafficking systems than just the inadequate DOS experiences contained in her resume, so far. With some discipline and hard conditioning, maybe Allison could become another Ghislaine Maxwell, only the goose-stepping teutonic version instead of representing the Moosadic classification.