ALSO THAT: Welcome to Brexit! – Economy

Perhaps the truck drivers had thought carefully about what to put on their sandwiches – they obviously hadn’t thought of Brexit. At the ferry in Holland, the British truck drivers learned that their ham sandwiches are also affected by the new trade rules. The BBC showed recordings on Tuesday by the Dutch broadcaster NPO1, where customs also checked the drivers’ provisions. Customs officials explain to drivers that they are no longer allowed to export animal food to the UK. Looking at a driver’s loaves of bread wrapped in aluminum foil, they ask: “Is there any cold meat on it?” The driver nods, and Customs promptly collects all the loaves. “Can’t I take the ham down and at least keep the bread,” the driver tries to negotiate. “No, everything will be confiscated,” says the officer in the port of Hoek van Holland near Rotterdam. “Welcome to Brexit, I’m sorry.” The driver took it with humor – and will from now on even think of Brexit when smearing bread.

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