Thanks to funding from the Department of Culture and Heritage, the alumni gatherings at the Kenojuak Cultural Center will be held again in the coming weeks.

Seniors will soon be able to enjoy game meat at the Kenojuak Cultural Center in Cape Dorset, as well as meet with friends. The Ministry of Culture and Heritage has approved funding for a larger number of alumni gatherings. Picture of Louisa Parr

Perhaps no one is more delighted than Louisa Parr, the director of the cultural center, who submitted the funding application.

"I'm really excited for the restart," said Parr. "I can not wait to see all those old guys here again."

Several gatherings took place last year so that senior guests could meet, drink tea, eat seal meat and enjoy the atmosphere of the new art building of the community. The biggest meeting was held just before Christmas, when 40 people gathered and feasted on geese and bannock, said Parr.

"I really like being with them … they all have different stories," she said, adding that she plans to record their memories and share them with the school so that students in the school primary school and high school can listen to them in the years to come. "(We can learn) traditional and appropriate methods even through their stories."

Parr said that she would make announcements in the community as soon as the date of the next gathering of elders would be fixed.