Aluna Francis, singer and songwriter in British dance duo AlunaGeorge, has told the BBC that a former colleague – not her bandmate George Reid – tried to force her to oral sex.

In a sequel to the BBC's Next Episode podcast, which focuses on #MeToo and the music industry, Francis said the man offered to charge her phone in his hotel room after working on a song. When she accepted, she said that he "became a completely different person – his behavior went from zero to 100".

Francis said after the man tried to force his hands into her underwear, "he nailed me and he had taken off his pants and he tried to put his cock in my mouth so I fought him off and he always laughed Still, because he thought it was a game and I had a really fun time with a fake rape situation. "

Francis escaped from the room and told the BBC: "You would think that I understood how wrong that was and I did not understand it – musicians are incredibly ambitious when it comes to bringing their craft to market That's why I think such situations are so shameful: Am I so stupid? What's wrong with me? Why did I split all this up just for my career? That's insanity. "

She said she had returned to the studio with the man and talked to him about his behavior. "He apologized and said that he is so incredibly sorry and [that] This has never happened before, "she said, adding that she had not considered reporting the alleged incident to the police. "You're dealing with it all the time, even if it's at a high level, you still play this role of" It's alright. "She said she was" so scared "to tell her story.

Francis founded AlunaGeorge with Reid in 2012. The following year they released their debut album, Body Music.

The next episode is available at BBC Sounds.