Álvaro Morales destroys the arbitration to “benefit” Sivas

the Shivas Rayadas of Guadalajara After a 3-year absence they returned to Liguila, where Clausura agreed to flock to the Great Party for the final match in 2017, and were crowned champions.

With this, the ESPN commentator, Álvaro is determined, He unleashed his anger on the referee Chivas Vs Necaxa, The referee accused the herd of exploiting a match that was contaminated Cesar Ramos.

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“When Guadalajara returned to Liguila after three years there was a group of so-called great, great teams, I don’t know if they could have spent so long without Liguila, but the only way to return to Liguila was with a match stained by the referee.

“César ‘Raymos’ did not send an anti-American referee, he has whistled Sivas for three wins and a draw in the last 4 games, that is, Sivas did not appear before a referee César who did not score; He did not impose a fine. “

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