Office Manager Amanda Toward, 45, withdrew the money from the event company.

She used it to buy tickets to meet the Geordie Saturday Night Takeaway host.

Toward – in a black designer dress – was depicted with the famous duo.

She told a friend on Facebook that she had got tickets for the 2016 event in a charity auction: "Not cheap, I can tell you, but it's worth it."

"I've gotten into financial trouble and family stress, it has become something of an addiction"

Amanda in the direction

To whoever drank six bottles of wine a day drove a Range Rover, treated himself to a lavish home and spit out on exotic vacations.

But her lifestyle was funded by plundering corporate accounts, owned by Newcastle Crown Court.

The mother was imprisoned for three years and four months after she admitted fraud.

Judge Edward Bindloss told her that she had taken advantage of her generous boss Eddie McKay, who ran the event company Big Purple Productions in Gateshead.

The judge said, "His good-natured approach to you was something you completely cheated on because you were stealing from him and the company behind his back all the time, threatening the company and its employees.

"The money was paid for you and other extravagances with alcohol, you have abused your position of trust and responsibility."

While Toward was vacationing in Mexico, Mr. McKay discovered a double payment on a bank statement.

He turned to the bank, which told him that it was not a typographical error but a deliberate second payment transferred to Toward's personal account.

Checks others discovered over the years a total of £ 204,216.

When she was arrested, she told the police, "I was in financial trouble and in stress for the family, it became a bit of an addiction."


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