Amazon Prime Video: “BlackKkKlansman” and a horror thriller are deleted


Amazon Prime Video is removing the drama “BlacKkKlansman” and the thriller “Breaking In” these days. We introduce you to the two titles before they are deleted.

Amazon Prime Video – Last chance: “Blackkklansman” and “Breaking In” (Source: Images: / Montage: Netzwelt)

  • On October 19, 2020, “Breaking In” will be deleted from the Amazon Prime Video program.
  • From October 20th, 2020 “BlacKkKlansman” will no longer be available.
  • In “BlacKkKlansman” Adam Driver (“Marriage Story”, “Star Wars”) can be seen at the side of John David Washington (“Tenet”).

Amazon Prime Video keeps taking some titles out of its range. This time it hits the dramatic crime film “BlacKkKlansman” and the nerve-wracking horror thriller “Breaking In” about a mother whose children are in danger.


“BlacKkKlansman” comes from star director Spike Lee (“Da 5 Bloods”) and is about the young cop Ron Stallworth (John David Washington from “Tenet”), who is the first African American to join the Colorado Springs Police Department. He wants to make a name for himself and starts the extremely dangerous mission to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan.

Little by little he can penetrate the inner circle of the racist association via telephone contact and pretend that he is one of the extremists. When they want to get to know him personally, he sends his white colleague Flip Zimmerman (“Marriage Story” actor Adam Driver) in front of him, who also wants to bring the organization down.

Breaking In

“Breaking In” is about Shaun (“Being Mary Jane” actress Gabrielle Union), who is the mother of Jasmine (“Dead Girls Don’t Lie” actress Ajiona Alexus) and Glover (“Black Panther” actor Seth Carr) is. She drives with her two children to her late father’s house to prepare it for sale.

The house is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system and has been converted into a fortress, so to speak. What Shaun doesn’t know: There are already four intruders in the house trying to find Shaun’s father’s safe. They lock Shaun out and take their children hostage. But no one is as determined as a mother who wants to save her children.

If you already know the two films, you can read more about other titles that will soon be deleted from Amazon Prime Video. You can also find out from us which new films and series Amazon Prime Video has to offer.

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