An Amazon Echo device.
Enlarge / An Amazon Echo device.


Amazon has announced it will hold an event to announce new hardware products on September 25th. The company's invitations show that the event will discuss "What's new from the Amazon Devices and Services team."

Amazon held a similar event around the same time last year, when a host of new devices were announced, including a new Echo Dot, a new Sub, a new show and more – most of the Echo line has been updated. This seems to be a much bigger focus for this year's event than for Fire TV, as Amazon recently announced new Fire TVs and a new Fire TV cube at the IFA. However, Fire TV tablets are one option.

We're not sure if it really will be the hit that took place last year – Amazon announced more than a dozen products at that time. And there is no good reason for the company's up-dating to be so urgently refreshed as it was then. However, if you chose the Amazon ecosystem and Alexa, you should keep an eye on this event to see what new equipment you can add to your setup.

Amazon's product strategy was to bring the services to the users' home with Alexa and a variety of devices tailored for different areas of the home. The product range is already robust, but given the goal of being comprehensive, we would not be surprised to see one or two completely new products in addition to the updates to existing Echo devices.