America is back: Biden dynamites Trump’s peace policy

‘America is back’ -America is back- was one of the slogans with which Biden greeted the end of Trump’s reign, a phrase short enough that even he can retain it without looking at the teleprompter. As a good political slogan, it does not mean anything other than what the listener wants it to mean, but it sounds good, it conveys the idea that the great republic, after a bland fascism dark pause, returned in all its glory and majesty.

But it has another reading, this very real one: the United States has returned the way it used to on the international scene. If Trump managed not to start any new war -something unusual since Carter and that, if the Swedish Academy were not a den of globalists, it would deserve a Nobel Peace Prize-, reduce American troops abroad and making peace that were considered impossible, such as the recognition of the Arab countries of the State of Israel or the end of the ‘cold war’ between the two Koreas, now Biden – or, rather, his caretakers- they have begun to dismantle all that effort from day one.

That first day, new troops were sent to Syria, a country that did not just come out of a terrible civil war and that now the horror will be renewed. And just days later Biden announced his intention to renew the agreement reached by Obama with the Iranian theocracy, which Trump had thrown into the trash can.

Another essential aspect is the relationship with the European allies. Most of Europe and the United States remain united in a military alliance born to deal with the Soviet threat, more than thirty years after the demise of the USSR. Since the end of World War II, The United States informally took over the defense of the West, allowing European powers to savagely cut their military budget, allowing it to pay for generous welfare states.

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Trump saw the anachronistic and ruinous of that scheme by now and originally set out to terminate the alliance. The pressure was irresistible and he abandoned the plan, although he adopted another: to get the supposed allies to pitch in in a somewhat more equitable way. European NATO officials must still feel cold sweats as they recall that summit at which the president gave them a fierce anger and forced them to commit to increasing their defense spending.

Likewise, Trump warned of the absurdity of keeping thousands of soldiers in Germany, one of the richest countries in the world, to face an enemy that no longer existed, and began the repatriation of a good part.

But with Biden we go back to the old but reassuring fictions. American soldiers stay in Germany, and NATO partners will no longer be asked to pay their share. Invite the American taxpayer, it will be for dollars.

America has returned, in short, it means that the American empire has returned, that the sedative certainties of the Cold War have returned, although with two interesting differences: now the enemy is China, and the United States is not exactly riding the wave.

The United States is bogged down in the Middle East in wars that it cannot win, simply because no one knows what could be called “victory” in these theaters of war, bleeding to death while China engages in trade and riling the American high command with maneuvers at sea. .

Because that’s the enormous, the gigantic difference: when the United States and the USSR were playing to see who blinks first, with the finger on the trigger, America was in America and Russia, in Russia. The Russian presence in the United States was negligible – except for its work in the minds of Ivy League professors – and the American presence in Russia was nil.

Today, the Chinese are stuck in the United States up to their necks, and the interests of American companies in China are enormous.

To understand this, imagine that war is declared tomorrow. China closes all Western factories on homeland. Losing, in addition, access to a market of 1.4 billion consumers. You can already forecast a mob of CEOs of the largest American multinationals – those that pay for the campaign to Biden, to all the candidates – at the gates of the Capitol shouting to the sky.

The United States has long opted for offshoring, and it no longer manufactures a thread. He buys everything from China, or from companies that make everything there. We are talking about essential components for anything, like medicine or medical equipment. Only if, predictably, one of the first bars of the hypothetical contest was the Chinese bombardment of Taiwanese semiconductor factories, the United States would have a very, very serious problem.

Biden’s United States has many problems at home: a currency about to lose its role as an international benchmark, a middle class that fades from sight, the devastation caused by the measures to fight the pandemic – with the ruin of hundreds of thousands of SMEs-, the increase in poverty, street violence, the deep division by race and sex and ideology and millions of Americans marked as’ insider terrorists’ who are convinced that Biden stole the presidency. It does not seem the best time to resume the role of world policeman.

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