American Wearing Style Guide (by Queen Letizia, Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton)

The Queen Letizia, the Duchess of Cambridge Y Meghan Markle have become style icons in recent years. They have shown us that americana It is a versatile garment that gives a touch of elegance and formality to all our outfits. Therefore, throughout this article we analyze the different ways in which the royals They have worn this garment in some of their public appearances.

The Queen Letizia showed us in June of this year that americana It is also a garment suitable for summer months. Took her blank With Pant palazzo and she combined it with a simple beige top with white polka dots and the classic espadrilles for which in the summer months both she and Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton bet.

The classic blazer suits are an option that is never lacking in the wardrobe of Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge they are usually worn with white tops to give the ensemble maximum prominence.

Meghan Markle made of the blazer with dress your favorite outfit during your pregnancy. I used to bet on dark shades or neutral colors and sometimes it also combined black and white.

With this other style, Kate Middleton shows us that americana can not only be carried in looks monochrome. If we combine the colors well we can wear it in contrast as she does precisely in this image by combining raspberry medium-rise pleated trousers with a white crewneck top and a tri-blend gray open blazer.

The pink suit that Queen Leticihe took in the act of the Spanish Association Against Cancer on World Cancer Research Day in Madrid last September, he left us captivated.

The former Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, was perhaps the royal who most dared with the most informal outfits. Thus he proved that americana white with black contrast crew neck top can be stylishly combined with skinny jeans very simple dark ones.

And for those who do not trust the combination of blue and black, here is an example that these colors can go perfectly. Also, with the styling you see on these lines, Meghan Markle showed us that the long jacket is perfect for those who want to hide hips.

This one you see in the image is perhaps one of our looks favorites on this list because who doesn’t have black skinny pants and black ankle boots or a tight black turtleneck? It is a base on which we can put any American. So let your imagination run wild without complicating your life too much!


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