A newborn baby dropped by his parents was devoured by a pack of stray dogs
(Photo: Getty – SETN / EBC)

An abandoned baby on uncultivated land by his teenage mother would have been eaten by a pack of stray dogs.

Police in Taiwan said they found tiny bones hidden among tall grass and suspected that it had been gnawed.

The newborn was stuffed into a plastic bag and deserted in a wasteland in Kaohsiung, southern Taiwan, local media reported.

His mother, a 19-year-old woman known by her pseudonym, Xiao Mei, reportedly suffered from mental health problems and was taken in by local social services.

Police discovered plastic bag and human bones (photo: SETN / EBC)
The child was thrown on a vacant lot behind a residential tower (photo: SETN / EBC)

The Taiwanese media SETN said the teenager had given birth on October 8th.

Xiao and his father, 28, reportedly abandoned their newborns in a vacant lot behind a residential tower.

The two men, who met online, struggled for money and lived together in a rented apartment in Siaogang District in Kaohsiung.

The couple reportedly fled to central Taiwan and remained hidden in a cybercafe for almost a month without leaving the scene.

Social workers called the police after failing to locate Xiao and the couple was found earlier this week.

The police noticed that his lump had disappeared and when asked where the child was, Xiao reportedly said that she "threw the baby the very day of her birth".

The couple lived in Kaohsiung, in southern Taiwan (photo: Getty)

The police then went to the vacant lot and found the remains of the child.

The officers said that the unnamed baby could be dead after being eaten by stray dogs who then ate his dead body.

He may also starve or die of cold, or have been killed after being thrown to the ground, officers said.

The case is being investigated by the police.

The Office of Social Affairs urged other young prospective parents to contact officials for advice, nutritional care and health care, as well as financial assistance if they were in similar circumstances.