An “arsenal” of department store jeans “blows up”

  • The young “lover of others” took 8 jeans, worth 6 thousand 313 pesos.

Rebeca Aguirre / The Voice of Durango

Durango, Dgo.

Preventive elements of the Municipal Public Security Directorate (DMSP) at the request of the personnel of the surveillance area of ​​the Suburbia department store, who responds to the name of Tamara Polet, 19 years old, was arrested for exceeding the line of boxes without making the payment corresponding clothing with a value of 6 thousand 313 pesos, which were insured at the time of his arrest on Felipe Pescador Boulevard between Libertad Prolongacion and Lázaro Cárdenas avenue.

The young “lover of the alien” was admitted to the separations of the Central Station, where the corresponding procedures were carried out to make her available to the Durango State Attorney General’s Office (FGED), where her legal situation will be determined by the facts before described.

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