An arsenal of weapons was seized from a tapestry – The Week Between Two Rivers

The Investigations Division personnel carried out a procedure in a house near the New Concordia Cemetery. There, they seized firearms, cartridges and detained one person.

At noon on Thursday, personnel from the Investigations Division in relation to a case pending in the Fiscal Unit under the charge of Dr. Rivoira Julia filed an Order issued by the Court of Guarantees No. 1, under the charge of Dr. Mauttone Darío, raiding a house in the vicinity of Balcarce and Feliciano streets, where the owner was notified, giving the procedure a positive result;

There they seized 1 pistol Caliber 9 mm, brand FM Browning, 1 a revolver cal. .22 Pucara brand, 10 cells with full load, 1 stir lime. 32 Gacela brand, with six cells with a full load and a large amount of cartridges.

The Prosecutor in turn ordered the apprehension of the male notified of the crime of Illegal Possession of a weapon of war and subsequent transfer to the warden section where he will remain lodged at the disposal of the justice.


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