An attack at 11 years old, Lady Di’s bridesmaid at 13, Ralph Lauren model in the 80s … The exciting life of India Hicks, the rebel royal who receives the jet in her mansion in the Bahamas

The life of India Hicks, the daughter of Lady Pamela Mountbatten (yes, the Mountbatten from The Crown chapter who died in an IRA attack was his grandfather) and the interior designer David Nightindale, is a continuous brow lift for your family. She is the goddaughter of Prince Charles of England, the same one who in her adorable 13 years walked as a maid of honor at her wedding with Diana Spencer and the sophisticated adult woman who has become the favorite commentator of television channels when they need to broadcast a royal wedding or event. But it is also the royal who fled to live on a Caribbean island, which she was expelled from her exclusive Scottish school and that at the age of 17 he ran away from home and drove to Italy to ask Emilio Pucci to design a suit for his cat. In his life there has been everything and the time has come to take a look at it.

A childhood marked by an attack and a wedding

Although her childhood and the place she occupies in the English royal family (she is a second cousin of Prince Charles and is quite far from the line of succession) did not foresee that she would attract the attention of the media, the reality of her relevance was imposed because of a tragedy: the attack suffered by his maternal grandfather, Lord Mountbatten, on a ship. India decided that day, at the age of eleven, staying watching a movie of El Gordo y el Flaco instead of going fishing with his grandfather, and that decision possibly saved his life, although it left in his mind a trauma that the doctors at that time decided to fight with valium.

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In a BBC documentary On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the attack, India confessed that she heard the explosion that killed four of her relatives and that “the damage that was done was much deeper than any of us could have imagined and our lives are still terribly disturbed by it. “

She was one of the bridesmaids at the wedding of Prince Charles (her best man) and Diana of Wales.

After the tragedy, India Hicks’ life was spent between babysitters and Rolls Royce who took her to school until it was decided that she was admitted to the Gordonstoun exclusive Scottish college… The one who was expelled for letting some boys into her room. Niñerías aside, the other great media moment of India Hicks was lived at the wedding of Carlos and Diana, being one of the bridesmaids of the couple with 13 years and complying with one of the family traditions: her mother, Lady Pamela was also a maid of honor, but at the wedding of Elizabeth II.

After the whirlwind of New York, the “calm” when fleeing to the Bahamas

India Hicks’s adolescence and youth were also full of anecdotes. She was the first royal to “escape” the rules of the British royal family and try everything to make her life., a life of course, charged with glamor. He promised that he would never marry and chose to try to succeed in the world of fashion.

Like his father, he was always interested in design, but first he opted for fashion and then for interior design. It was able to drive from England to Italy to meet a designer (even if it was to ask him to make a suit for his cat), and that was one of the reasons why he decided to train in Boston in the specialty of photography.

After graduating with honors, he set out on a new path in New York, where he debuted as a model doing campaigns for Ralph Lauren and J. Crew among other firms. We can imagine how well it was at that time that someone in the English royal family turned to fashion and rejected the idea of ​​getting married and settle down. Her modeling career spanned a decade but her interest in fashion never waned … in fact in 2020 She was accused of stealing a coat from Max Mara and had to go to trial (because he pleaded guilty).

Actually, at that time, India Hicks was more allergic to weddings than to relationships and she proved it by way of facts: He decided to establish his residence in the Bahamas with his partner David Flint Wood and commit to sharing business and children with him: four to be exact (plus one foster).

India Hicks does not hesitate to share details of her life in the Bahamas on Instsgram.

India Hicks does not hesitate to share details of her life in the Bahamas on Instsgram.

The Caribbean island was always on the mind of India Hicks, not for nothing her father had carried out interior design projects in some of the most beautiful villas on the island. In addition to raising her children in a heavenly environment, India Hicks decided to try her luck with design by renovating houses and even a hotel on the island. He shouldn’t have been bad because in 2015 he founded his own decorating and direct selling company (very Goop-esque) which had to close in 2019. Perhaps setting up a global business on an island where the internet goes out and electricity every ten minutes was not such a good idea.

From the Caribbean tranquility India Hicks has done everything and everything as he wanted: He has written six books (the most recent of which has just been published by Rizzoli publishing house)She has developed a career as a television presenter and yes, finally and after 25 years of relationship she has decided to go through the altar. Their wedding was planned for only 30 people to attend. Genius and figure.


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