An Australian magazine reveals the news with photography |

Meghan Markle She would be expecting her second child, according to the Australian magazine New Idea, which revealed images of the Duchess wearing the alleged pregnancy.

The publication indicated that the wife of prince harry She is taking time for herself before the baby arrives and she plans to spend a few days alone in Mexico.

This comes after rumors circulated about an alleged fight between the Dukes of Sussex after the elections in the United States. “Meghan was very convinced of the election and wanted to talk,” says the source.

It was added that they argued on the subject, and she stormed out. “He called a friend with a private jet and is now planning a trip to Mexico for a couple of days.”, he specified.According to the informant, Harry has no intention of going with her. The decision not to accompany her was also due to document and security issues.

“The friends hope that the time they spend apart will give the prince a chance to reassess whether giving up his life as a member of the greater royalty was a good decision,” the source said.

Marriage in crisis due to distance from the royal family

He also assures that Harry does not feel entirely good about his life in Los Angeles, for “Fake, completely disconnected people Meghan wants to include in her circle.”

This dissatisfaction also increased after his brother, Prince Williams, made it public that his father, the Prince carlos, and the contracted coronavirus.

“The whole line to the throne was in trouble and he wasn’t there. She is also concerned that Archie hasn’t seen his grandfather or cousins ​​in a year. He is worried about his son and now about his new baby, ”he added.

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