A supermarket employee filmed pushing a little boy into the shelves with reasonable force, police said.

Images of the unidentified cooperative pushed the young man so hard that he was propelled back and on the ground.

However, the police said today that the worker had been assaulted by the child and had received a belly punch before the push.

At the moment the 9 year old boy is pushed against the shelves (Photo: Deadline News)

The man refused to file a complaint against the 9-year-old boy and we talked to his parents.

The clip was filmed at a Co-op store in Ilkeston, Derbyshire, on August 7 of last year, but only appeared this week when it became viral.

The poster, Sam Smith, writes, "Think that may be the reason Miles was fired."

On the video, which is filmed on a mobile phone from a CCTV screen, we hear a voice saying "little b ******".

Cooperative insiders revealed earlier this week that the boy, aged about nine, was an annoying staff member.

And in the video, just before the worker is unleashed, the boy seems to hit the worker in the stomach.

A Derbyshire police spokesman said today, "We received a report of an alleged assault on a child at the Co-op store on Heanor Road, Ilkeston, August 7, 2018.

"When the police watched CCTV, it was found that the vendor was assaulted and used reasonable force to repel the child.

"The parents of the child were questioned about the boy's behavior and the shop assistant refused to complain.

& # 39; No other action has been taken. & # 39;

In the video, we could see a boy dressed in a red t-shirt walking towards the cooperative worker in the bread aisle.

He seems to knock on the stomach an employee of the cooperative, who is clearly annoyed by this act.

The boy crashed on the ground (Photo: Deadline News)

Suddenly, the shelf stacker decides to reach out to the boy and push him just under his neck.

As a result, the boy falls back on the bread shelves and collapses to the floor.

The boy then gets up and seems to tell something to the employee before the end of the clip.

The cooperative confirmed that the video showed a "former colleague".

A spokesman said, "The co-op does not tolerate this behavior and has immediately considered the issue. Colleague left of his own free will. "