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Andrew Copley denied selling the force equipment on Ebay

A detective sold police equipment that had been assigned to him for specialist roles on eBay. A misconduct hearing was notified.

Det. Andrew Copley allegedly sold glasses, jackets, and boots that were allegedly given to him for use in a firearms operation, secret surveillance, and Marine police teams from Essex.

Items, including a Musto red jacket and a camouflage suit, were sold from his eBay account, according to the audience.

But Det Con Copley denies these accusations, saying that he had bought the items himself.

The hearing of misconduct at the Chelmsford Civic Center will determine if the officer has breached the police's standards of honesty and integrity, order and conduct. Instructions and reprehensible conduct.

The detective allegedly sold the equipment between 2012 and 2017 after ceasing to serve on teams of specialists.

"Substantial amount"

Mark Ley-Morgan, acting on behalf of the Essex Police, said that an investigation into Det Con Copley had been opened after several items were listed and sold on eBay.

During the detective's home search, seven bags containing "a substantial amount of equipment", which would belong to the Essex police, were found, said Mr. Ley-Morgan.

Det Copley Con told police that he had kept the material because he was hoping to retain his accreditation for secret surveillance despite the change of role, the hearing on the misconduct was announced.

His lawyer, Rakesh Sharma, said: "Some of the items he's bought himself, others that he's bought as a gift, but the items offered for sale are all owned of the agent. "

Mr. Ley-Morgan stated that the police did not accept the articles in question.

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