An expert travel guide to St Kitts and Nevis

Double the fun with the escape from the double island

Jtwo miles away, the beautiful twin islands of Saint Kitts and Nevis sprout many of the boxes for a satisfying Caribbean vacation. Relaxed white sand beaches, a lush green mountainous interior, captivating historic sites and first-class hotels: you can expect all these delights, but it’s just the beginning. St Kitts, the gateway island, is also home to a world heritage site, the colossal Brimstone Hill Fortress and a unique scenic railway that revolves around the coast.

Nevis is equally attractive thanks to the 3,232-foot (985m) Nevis Peak rising from its heart and a rare collection of independently owned plantation-style hotels. Traveling around and between the islands is simple, so there is always plenty of time to relax on a catamaran cruise, snorkel in crystal clear waters, climb a volcano and dine under the stars with freshly caught fish.


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