An iPhone 12 prototype shows us what the operating system that Apple uses in its internal tests is like

We know little or nothing about the internal systems that Apple uses to test the iPhones it makes. Thanks to an iPhone 12 Pro leaked by the developer Giulio Zompetti, we can have a slightly clearer vision of this curious software that is internally called SwitchBoard.

An operating system without a user interface

Prototype Iphone 12 Pro

El SwitchBoard es a non-UI version of iOS 14. As we can see in the image, the interface is limited to showing the battery level in the upper right part and then to offering several apps with which to test the various parts of the system.

The names, as well as the app icons are not very descriptive and, although we recognize Console In the upper right, we know little about Alto, beyond the iCloud, Astro or Ness icon.

We have already seen prototypes with internal operating systems in the past, but the truth is that it has been a long time ago and it is clear that the test operating system, as well as the production operating system, have evolved. With today’s images we have a renewed vision of these curious systems.

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It is clear that for each operating system that we see finished Apple has developed hundreds of it. From internal testing versions to betas that we never got to testing the dedication, just from the software part, to launching a finished product is impressive.

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