An iPhone 12 without accessories, helps or hurts the planet?

At the “Hi, Speed”, Apple introduced an iPhone 12 without accessories. He did so under the promise of contributing to the well-being of the planet. But does this decision really help the environment?

That is the question that some are asking, why? Because the fact of launching a device on the market, which we know can be highly demanded, not only because it is the latest technology but also because of the quality that characterizes Apple equipment, becomes a double-edged sword.

We explain why. Apple says that not including chargers or headphones in its new equipment reduces carbon emissions. Fact that supports his idea of ​​reaching 2030 low carbon neutral, and therefore reducing greenhouse gas pollution by 75%.

But what is carbon neutral?

It is one of the greatest aspirations of organizations fighting to save our planet from climate change. It is reaching zero, that is, that this type of gas is not perceived in the environment, which over the years has worsened the greenhouse effect.

It may seem impossible, but there are steps that can be taken to avoid this fact. Which ones? By gradually eliminating the use of fossil fuels, we refer to oil, natural gas and our focal point carbon.

Perhaps some will think, but, if Apple is collaborating, how is it that now its measure harms the planet? As simple as this, just presenting a solo device does not mean you will stop selling accessories.

Contribution to the planet or marketing strategy?

Apple hasn’t removed its adapters, data cables, or headphones. These are still on the market. Each purchase that is generated is one more package that adds to environmental contamination.

On the one hand, it is praised for presenting a device that supports the sustainability of the planet. But, on the other hand, it will generate more environmental pollution. Does it make sense? It is something that is up for debate.

Before the launch of the iPhone 12 it had been speculated that it would come without accessories, not to help the planet, but to minimize costs and replace the investment made in fifth-generation technology.

Justine Calma in an article for The Verge comments that, “a company that makes a production decision that is good for business and good for the planet seems to be beneficial for everyone. But Apple assumes that people who buy the new iPhone already have old headphones and chargers ready to go. “

If we analyze Calma’s approach. Apple’s idea is considered a bit illogical, because there are people who do not have iPhone and may be interested in purchasing the new model, simply to try something different. Then, your purchase incurs more expenses that indirectly harm our planet. Whose fault is it, the manufacturer or the consumer?

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