Análisis Star Wars: Republic Commando (PS4 y Nintendo Switch)

We put on the clone trooper helmet in our Star Wars: Republic Commando review, a PS4 and Nintendo Switch port of the fantastic first-person shooter with a hint of strategy. Delta Squad … Attack!

The greatest virtue of the exceptional The Clone Wars, the animated series created by George Lucas and written by Dave Filoni (among many others), is that he gives as much importance to the Jedi, Sith and other characters that we know too well, as to the clones. Before the premiere of the series, in 2008, the clones were only copies of Jango Fett with two functions: to be cannon fodder … or traitors.

But The Clone Wars He taught us that behind all those identical faces were real people, people who suffered and suffered from the horrors of war, people who forged bonds with their comrades on the battlefield, people who in their right mind would never have executed Order 66. . The Clone Wars changed the word “clones” to names like Rex, Fives, Echo and 99.

Three years before the series’ premiere, the long-awaited LucasArts did something very similar: instead of another video game featuring lightsabers and Force powers, they developed a story about a squad of clone troopers with gameplay that perfectly captured the twinning. born in the middle of the conflict. His name was Republic Commando for Xbox and PC; and it’s one of the best Star Wars games.

Aspyr, those responsible for bringing great games like Jedi Outcast, Jedi Academy and Star Wars Episode I Racer to current platforms (there are rumors that Knights of the Old Republic are next), have done the same with Republic Commando. We tell you how it has changed and if it is worth playing (or returning to) in our Star Wars: Republic Commando review for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

Rule 39: never say “no” to Bacta

Republic Commando puts us in the role of Delta Squad, a genetically enhanced elite commando tasked with the most dangerous missions faced by the Galactic Republic army. The story, how could it be otherwise, begins with the Battle of Geonosis, the skirmish on the red planet that ushered in the Clone Wars in Star Wars: Episode II.

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From there, Star Wars: Republic Commando follows the same thread of the conflict, but from its own side. That is, we attend some of the key battles of the Clone Wars (such as the aforementioned Geonosis or Kashyyyk) but telling a completely new story in which the members of Delta Squad are the main protagonists.

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We control in the first person the leader, RC-1130, nicknamed “Boss”, and at all times we are accompanied by 62 (Scorch), 40 (Fixer) and 07 (Seven). They are one-dimensional characters (the leader, the demolition expert, the hacker and the sniper) but that also means that they have very strong and recognizable personalities.

From the ground up, Star Wars: Republic Commando is not too different from other first-person shooter: we shoot, we crouch, we throw grenades, etc. And in that respect it hasn’t aged too well: the controls lack the precision that the genre has achieved today and the feel when shooting (the gunplay) can be improved.

But the interesting thing, what makes Star Wars: Republic Commando special And what makes us feel like part of a squad of clones is the way he integrates little touches of strategy through orders. At all times, we can give small orders for our companions to carry out their abilities: put a bomb, hack that device, get on that turret, take advantage of that cover … Just place your sight on the indicated point and press X / B.

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From time to time, a more powerful enemy than normal (such as super battle droids) also appears; in these cases, we can set the objective to concentrate all the fire of the squad on them.

We also have training orders, such as advancing as a group, protecting a location, or searching and destroying. But as they say: the best attack is a good defense. The health of all Delta Squad members is displayed on the screen: if someone is on the last legs, we can order them to use a Bacta outpost to regain health. And if one of the soldiers falls, we can help him up again … And they will do the same in our case if we ask.

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Star Wars: Republic Commando isn’t too deep when it comes to tactical options, but the ones it does have are so well integrated with the action, that makes us feel part of a team in which each member is indispensable. And that, as leaders, successes and failures depend on our decisions.

A great success of Star Wars: Republic Commando is how easy it is to run out of ammunition, something quite unusual in first person shooter games. Thus, that group feeling is further accentuated by forcing us to depend on our squad mates (and the pistol, which is not very useful). At all times we feel that we cannot do this alone; that without Scorch, Fixer and Seven we are not going anywhere. And that twinning achieved through gameplay has a huge impact on the story.

Despite the passage of time, Star Wars: Republic Commando is still a great game, very entertaining and mandatory for any Star Wars fan.

But let’s put the game aside and Let’s talk about the work Aspyr has done in bringing it to PS4 and Nintendo Switch. If you have played the titles that this studio has brought back in recent years, you can get a rough idea of ​​what we have here. It is not a remake or a remaster, but something that is closer to a port or re-release.

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As we have already commented in those cases, it is somewhat disappointing that the opportunity has not been taken to make improvements, include extras or correct problems … But at the same time it is appreciated, and much, to be able to play these titles on current consoles. And more at such a competent price (€ 14.99). Also, as we said at the beginning, Star Wars: Republic Commando was released on Xbox and PC, so It is the first time that PlayStation and Nintendo users can enjoy it.

Here it is worth stopping to talk about the versions: although it has been released for PS4, Star Wars: Republic Commando has been updated to offer 1440p resolution on PS4 Pro and 4K on PS5. It still presents a somewhat outdated graphic section, but at least, in the next-gen machine, it is seen at maximum definition. And in all cases, it moves at 60fps without problems.

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The Nintendo Switch version, it seems, is another story. At the time of preparing the analysis we have only had access to the PS4 version (and we have played it on PS5), but many users are reporting that on the handheld console, Star Wars: Republic Commando suffers constant slowdowns and does not include gyro control. So if you are thinking of acquiring it on Nintendo Switch, it may be a good idea to wait.

And although there are no news, there are two aspects that are worth highlighting: on the one hand, the demise of multiplayer. Sincerely? We do not miss it. The best thing about Republic Commando is the campaign, but we understand that there will be those who consider it something negative. The second notable aspect is the possibility to perform a quick save at any time of the game, simply by pressing the touch panel; quite a hoot (and something we would have liked to see in the Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy ports).

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Finally, we want to highlight something that is usually very careful in Star Wars games, but here it is even more so: the audio. Temuera Morrison, the actor who played Jango Fett in Star Wars Episode II (as well as a certain character in the second season of The Mandalorian) was responsible for dubbing three members of Delta Squad (the voice of Seven belongs to Jonathan David Cook).

The soundtrack is also of the highest quality, mixing the themes of maestro John Williams (very well chosen, by the way) with new compositions of surprising quality. The tema principal de Star Wars: Republic Commando it’s downright good.

And now … Where is my KOTOR?

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