Analysis of the Mafia Definitve Edition for PS4: a revamped masterpiece

There is an important difference between a remasterización and a ‘remake‘ Y ‘Mafia Definitive Edition’ is the second, a totally remade game that shows how a great story stands up without problems over the years.

Graphics have improved a lot: the large pixels have disappeared, giving way to a city that stands out for its details and for the classic beauty that ooze their cars and the perfect atmosphere of the 1930s USA. Action scenes turn into little works of art and it’s easy to marvel at the reflections on the hood of a Rolls Royce or the skidding of a Cadillac on the wet sidewalks of a city full of charm.

The video game ‘Mafia’ returns to PS4 totally revamped
Jorge Mora

Lost Heaven is a big city full of life, but ‘Mafia Definitive Edition’ is not a mission-packed open world game, the player faces a linear adventure that tells the story of how Tommy Angelo went from being a simple taxi driver to becoming a key figure in organized crime.

Scene after scene and phrase after phrase, ‘Mafia ‘is presenting its protagonists and building a magnificent plot in which the player, Not only will he fall in love with Tommy’s magnetic personality, but he will also love all the characters who accompany him on his adventures outside the law. The mythical scenes are concatenated respecting the structure and content of the original and adding details and even characters that magnify the story and complete it.

The original game gained attention in 2002 for being a GTA in which you had to comply with traffic regulations, if you did not want to be fined or end up in the dungeon if you were caught repeatedly. This was a challenge for the player used to breaking the law at will and causing chaos to complete the simplest mission. This new ‘Mafia’ is more permissive and the player will be able to skip the traffic lights without fear although, those who want to relive that experience, can activate the restrictions.

The video game 'Mafia' returns to PS4 totally revamped
The video game ‘Mafia’ returns to PS4 totally revamped
Jorge Mora

The game is not perfect. Have many errors when loading some textures and the graphic quality is too irregular: capable of leaving the player with his mouth open, but also with little cared details that sometimes tarnish the whole. Voices, both in the original and in the Spanish dubbing They are excellent and help immerse yourself in the world of Prohibition America and the Thompson shootings.

The driving, the chases on foot, the shootings and the fights with a clean punch they have also been revamped on the occasion of the ‘remake’. In the game there secrecy and scenes that come out clean shot, but unfortunately, neither of them is at the level of the versatility of current Playstation 4 games, although they have improved a bit compared to the original 2002 game.


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