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A friend who lives in Seville lovingly brought – after the end of the confinement – a little book by José Ortega y Gasset bought with the stamp of the Calpe de Eleuterio Tabera Bookstore, on Calle Real (Main Street) in Gibraltar, 121, bearing the same There is another bookseller in La Linea, at Calle Real, 38. In Gibraltar the bookstore disappeared and is now a jewelry store and in La Línea it has been replaced by a savings bank. The book, published by Revista de Occidente in 1931 was The Redemption of the Provinces and National Decency.

Three possibilities open up: The first, regretting the situation of bookstores, which Amazon and its clientele want to turn into monuments of the past. The second is to underline the historical interaction that has existed whenever possible between La Línea and Gibraltar. The good relations, much better than the entailment, have been the tonic of these two sister peoples and more vaccinated than the rest, since cross-border workers have also been protected with the vaccine in Gibraltar. The third comment that what was worth in 1931 and is still in force 90 years later: “The old politics was Madrilenianism … I call“ Madrilenian politics ”or“ political Madrilenianism ”to the idea and intention of organizing the Spanish State assuming that the average type of the electoral bodies throughout the Peninsula is identical to the electoral body in Madrid ”. Ortega concludes by pontificating: “The nation is taken as a Madrid, Madrid is taken as the normal of the nation.”

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The last of the rare and hardly exportable Madrid campaign has been the extremely painful spectacle of threatening letters. “I believed that by killing John Lennon I would become someone, and instead, I became a murderer, and murderers are no one,” said Chapman, his murderer. Doctors ruled that he suffered from paranoid schizophrenia, which has not spared him from being in prison since 1980. In the 2016 Brexit campaign, Labor MP Jo Cox was killed by a far-right sympathizer. The mayor of the historic city of Gdansk shipyards, in Poland, was also stabbed to death by a deranged man. The widow of the murdered Olof Palme would not take these threats as inventory either.

Threats can be turned into facts with ease. For a famous person or for a politician.

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