Andrea Valdiri gave a Mercedes Benz to her 9-year-old daughter

Isabella Valdiri will turn 10 on March 3. Photo: social networks.

This week Andrea Valdiri revealed, during a luxurious party, that the baby she is expecting is a girl, who will become the younger sister of Isabella Valdiri, 9 years old. After the party is over, The Barranquilla dancer, known and criticized for giving her daughter excessively expensive gifts, surprised the child and her followers with the keys to a car.

It was not until this Friday, the day after the sex reveal party, that the dancer brought her daughter to see the new gift that, she said, is for her two daughters. Matching with identical pink dresses, Andrea and Isabella arrived at the dealership where there was a covered car with a big red bow.

By revealing the Late model Mercedes Benz, Isabella hugged her mother and ran to see her latest gift, which was filled with pink balloons inside and in the back there was a baby chair, which will be used by her sister who is coming. “A gift for my little sister and me,” Valdiri’s daughter posted on her official Instagram account, where she has more than 800,000 followers.

The luxurious gift made Valdiri a trend on social networks, amid criticism and envy of many users, who They compare the daughter of the Barranquilla with Stormi Webster, the little daughter of Kylie Jenner who also has a life full of luxuries at just 3 years old.

Despite the comments, the Mercedes Benz for his minor daughter is not a surprise to those who have followed Valdiri’s life for a few years. At Christmas 2019 he gave Isabella a small motorcycle, for her ninth birthday he gave her the last Iphone, a Carolina Herrera wallet and a bank card. The followers of the Barranquilla are waiting, because on March 3 Isabella will be 10 years old and they know that, despite the fact that she has just been given a latest model car, the dancer will not stop filling it with details that day.

This was the sex revelation of Andrea Valdiri’s new baby

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On December 1, the dancer, influencer and businesswoman Andrea Valdiri, made her pregnancy public on her social networks. Now, as a single mother, after her break with singer Lowe León, the Barranquilla celebrated, without skimping, the ‘baby shower’ of the baby she is expecting.

On a yacht in Cartagena, Valdiri decorated with balloons and stuffed animals to host what seem like dozens of people among friends, relatives and relatives. The guests, according to the publication of the Barranquilla, did not keep the protection measures to avoid contagion of COVID-19 and she, pregnant, neither. So far, it is not known if the attendees were subjected to prior tests.

For the night, Valdiri wore a loose blue dress, which disguised her pregnancy. Her hair, which is always loose or tied in a ponytail, was completely up. Among the protagonists was her daughter, Isabella, whom Valdiri also raised as a single mother.

During the celebration, it was observed that fireworks were launched to reveal the sex of the baby, which painted the Cartagena sky a pale red; that is to say, the influencer is expecting a girl. In the images, the Barranquilla is also seen, accompanied by her daughter, cutting a cake that, in the middle, had a pink filling that Valdiri took out with her hands.

“IT’S A GIRL! Thank you God for giving me another princess in my life ”, The influencer said on her Instagram between compliments and congratulations from fans who follow her on the social network.


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