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Andy Murray

Andy Murray has set himself the goal, after four to five months again on the highest level in tennis to compete. Not only will he compete against the likes of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, but he will also feel they can beat them.

The three-time Grand Slam winner has only played two singles games at ATP Tour level since returning from hip replacement. Both lost when he retired in the first round in Cincinnati and Winston-Salem.

He then dropped back on the ATP Challenger Tour as he tried to improve his fitness and won two games at the Rafa Nadal Open before retiring.

However, the main objective is to play on the ATP Tour, not just any level, as he wants to get back to the top and take on Federer and Nadal.

"For years, of course, I've played against them, although I did not win against them every time I lost more than won [but] I was always on the pitch and felt like I could win, "he told Sky Sports.

"I do not know if it would be fun to go to court if I know I'm going to lose or feel I have no chance!"

"That would probably be a psychological challenge for me. But maybe I'll be there in four or five months. I have to be patient and not expect too much too soon.

"But in terms of how I hit the ball in practice, it's still there. The skills are still there, I just have to improve physically and with time I will hopefully get a bit faster and I think I'll do it. "

Murray may again have the chance to play against some of the world's players in November, as the UK will take part in the revised Davis Cup final in Spain.

He is very playful, but also wants to secure a place in the team.

"When I'm selected, I play. I do not want to play or be selected just because I played really well four years ago, "he said.

"The Davis Cup should be based on who the best players are and what the best players are, giving us a chance to win. At the moment, I'm not playing as well as Dan [Evans] and Kyle [Edmund] or Cameron Norrie.

"Potentially doubling, I'd like to help and be in the team and play singles, but if I was asked to play twice, I probably would."

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