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It is essential to stop operations and shutdown. The innovative smartphone company, founded by the ex Googler Andy Rubin, will come out with only one shipping product to its name: the pioneering notch Essential PH-1. From the official news update post on the Essential site, it appears that his next device hit a stone wall of production / distribution and was ultimately the impetus behind the decision to close.

Essential says that his vision was “inventing a mobile computing paradigm that integrates more evenly with people’s lifestyle needs.” However, the gem of the project that would guide this vision will never be commercialized as the company sees it “no clear path to deliver it to customers”.

The Essential team reporter thanked employees from Palo Alto and Bangalore, as well as global partners, for their work on behalf of the company. Particular mention was given to the CloudMagic team which joined Essential last year and was an important force in the delivery of Newton Mail and in the development of the slim and compact Project Gem smartphone.

Essential wants to complete its operations in an orderly manner and has taken some steps to do so. For example, Essential PH-1, which has been well supported since the launch, will get it “a pre-built image of our supplier and everything else needed to continue hacking on PH-1 will be hosted on our github.” The PH-1 was last updated by Essential on the 3rdrd February, and that will be the last official patch delivered. Existing Newton Mail users will have access to the service until 30th April 2020.

As it is running out, Essential has released a series of videos showing the charm and simplicity of the Project Gem smartphone series now on the way. I have incorporated two of the four videos here, above and below. You can check them all at the source.

Among the multitude of smartphone plates that are also launched on a daily basis, it is a pity that these Essential Gem devices with their carefully evaluated software / hardware choices seem never to end up in the hands of consumers.

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